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When a personal injury client retains your firm, they are looking to do more than redress a wrong. A severe and unexpected injury could leave an individual physically devastated and their family in financial ruin. They are seeking compensation so they receive the medical treatment and therapy they need and to provide for themselves and their family. Personal injury litigation is often complicated, nuanced, and rarely straightforward. Our experienced Arkansas personal injury attorneys are less likely to miss those small, hidden details that could swing a case or maximize a recovery.

Every attorney knows that the practice of law involves many different disciplines and cases. If your firm focuses on white-collar criminal defense, a complicated car accident case might not be within your legal wheelhouse. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has spent more than the last twenty years handling challenging personal injury claims. Referring a client to a seasoned attorney not only helps them, it adds to the reputation of your firm.

Based in Fayetteville, our law offices handle personal injury cases in other areas, including Bella Vista, Benton County, Bentonville, Crawford County, Fort Smith, Rogers, Sebastian County, Springdale, Washington County, and elsewhere throughout Arkansas. If you have a personal injury case and wish to discuss a referral, contact our office at (479) 316-0438.

Arkansas Personal Injury Referrals

Ken Kieklak understands the importance of client service and that obtaining the best results is his responsibility. When your firm refers a personal injury case to our office, you can be assured that an experienced legal team will always be available to answer their questions. In addition to open communication with your client, we will provide frequent status updates to your firm so you are aware of how the case is progressing.

Personal injury cases require thorough investigation and our firm has the resources, available experts, and experienced to examine every facet of your client’s case. Whether it involves a car accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall, premises liabilities, defective products, or any other type of injury case, our team will professionally and aggressively advocate on behalf of your client. Furthermore, if you are an out-of-state attorney, referring your matter to our Arkansas personal injury attorneys may be the simplest and surest way to get your client the legal representation they need. Having counsel that understands the nuances of the Arkansas courts and laws could be crucial in a successful case.

Referring Your Personal Injury Case to Our Experienced Arkansas Attorneys

Our Arkansas personal injury attorneys have considerable experience in many different types of personal injury cases. We understand the time, expertise, and resources necessary to pursue complicated personal injury claims. Personal injury cases require attention and care, and our practice can provide the level of attention necessary for success.

One of the key factors in a successful personal injury case is experience and success at the trial level. While many cases settle outside of court, a law firm must be prepared and willing to take a case to court to fight for their clients’ maximum compensation. Successful trials are expensive and time-consuming. However, in many situations, they are necessary.

When a personal injury firm has a reputation of successfully pursuing cases to trial, many insurance companies and their attorneys will be more willing to settle a claim for a reasonable value. In situations where an insurance company is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, our firm is willing and ready to try your client’s case.

Our referral agreements are fair and conform to the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct and all other professional and ethical standards for attorneys. Placing your client’s case into the hands of another firm could be difficult but allow our expertise to benefit you and your client. Your involvement is also entirely up to you. If you want to remain involved in the prosecution of the case, our Arkansas personal injury attorneys will work with you.

Evaluating Referred Arkansas Personal Injury Cases

Every personal injury case is different and every injured victim has a unique experience. Ken Kieklak has extensive experience working with insurance companies and has evaluated many claims. One of the most critical steps before negotiating with an insurance company or preparing a case for trial is valuing the claim. Properly valuing a personal injury claim requires knowledge, resources and, is a time-consuming process. If your practice is not committed to valuing claims, our office could provide invaluable assistance – even if you decide not to refer the entire case to our firm. If your client does not know what their claim is worth, they cannot make an informed decision whether to accept an offer, negotiate, or take their case to court.

The Role of Our Referred Arkansas Personal Injury Attorneys

We do not take referrals lightly and are honored to serve as lead or co-counsel. Our role will depend on what your firm or client requires. Any communication with your client will comply with your instructions. Additionally, the referral agreement will be fair, transparent, and any payments will be paid promptly. Our Arkansas personal injury lawyer’s goal is to obtain the best possible result for your client. Your reputation is important and our firm values our reputation.

Refer Your Client to Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have a complicated personal injury matter that your firm needs to refer, consider Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law. With decades of experience handling complex and challenging cases, our Arkansas personal injury attorneys will fight for your client’s rights and deserved compensation. Contact Ken Kieklak, Attorney, at Law to discuss case referrals. Our office offers free consultations for clients and is willing to discuss referral cases as well. Call (479) 316-0438 to discuss our referral agreements and available options.


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