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The moments before impact in a car, truck or SUV accident can be particularly nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. You may wonder if you will be able to walk away from this accident or if you will see your spouse or children again. Unfortunately when it comes to truck accidents and commercial vehicle accidents, the injuries are often more severe due to the large mass of the vehicle and high speeds involved.

If you have been in a serious motor vehicle accident in Bentonville or elsewhere in Arkansas, speak to an experienced attorney prior to taking any action. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law can handle your and the other driver’s insurance company while negotiating for a settlement that makes you whole. If the matter is not conducive to settlement, we present your case clearly and thoroughly to a jury.

What Should I do Immediately Following an Accident?

Your safety should be your primary concern in the moments following an accident. If the vehicle is drivable you should move it (and yourself) out of the flow of traffic to avoid a secondary or tertiary collision. If the vehicle is disabled due to the accident, you should exit it as soon as it is safe to do so and head to a safe waiting area. If you detect smoke, fire or a burning odor emanating from the vehicle you should increase your distance immediately as the accident may result in a vehicle fire or explosion. Once you are safe, call 911 for an emergency situation.

After addressing all safety concerns, you may wish to document the accident scene. Today, many cell phones are equipped with high resolutions and multiple microphones. You may wish to capture a photo or video of the scene or damage to your vehicle. However, do not subject yourself to any additional danger – either due to the environment or the injuries you may have suffered in the trucking accident.

Types of Injuries Commonly Suffered

Although they can involve similar vehicle types, no two trucking accidents are the same. The unique and particularized circumstances and factors that produce an accident also create unique injuries and combinations of injuries. However there are certain types of harms that occur more frequently than others. These include:

  • Traumatic brain injury – A TBI can be particularly devastating because the brain is the control center of the human body. Damage or abnormalities in the brain can cause trouble with focus, alter you personality, cause increased aggression, make communication difficult, and cause issues with focus and attention.
  • Burn injuries – Fuel or other hazardous chemicals may leak from the vehicles after an accident and ignite. Serious burn injuries or chemical burns can occur.
  • Fractured bones – While seatbelts and airbags can often reduce the injuries suffered, they do not eliminate all injuries. Broken or fractured bones are still extremely common in truck accidents
  • Whiplash – Whiplash injuries are reported by many who are involved in serious accidents. When vehicles collide a series of forces is rapidly applied — forces that can cause shearing of muscle and nerve tissue resulting in nausea, headaches and problems with memory.

If you have suffered one of the above injuries in an accident or simply do not feel quite right, see a doctor or go to the emergency room immediately.  Recovery from your injuries can often be greater if you receive treatment early and often.

Contact Bentonville Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Ken Kieklak

If a truck in Bentonville has hit your car truck or SUV, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Ken Kieklak can handle your trucking accident case professionally and strategically. For your free and confidential consultation, call (479) 251-7767 or contact us online today.

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