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What Conditions Qualify for Disability Benefits in Arkansas?

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that today in America, approximately 57 million people live with a disability, or about one fifth of the national population.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) projects that in 2014, nearly nine million people will qualify to receive over $10 billion in monthly disability benefits.

Many disabilities can qualify for disability benefits.  The SSA looks at all conditions that are expected to last for more than a year or cause your death, but these conditions must meet other qualifications to qualify as “disabilities.”  First, the SSA keeps a list of qualifying benefits.  This list of conditions and injuries includes dozens of permanent injuries, including amputations, birth injuries, neurological disorders, and more.  It also includes many long-term conditions that are often fatal, like heart disease and cancer.  There are even categories for mental health disabilities.

A disability must also be “severe” to qualify for benefits.  If the disability interferes with your ability to work and prevents you from earning enough money to support yourself, you may qualify for disability.  Just because a disability is on the list does not automatically qualify you for benefits if the disability is not severe.  The reverse is also true; just because a disability is not listed does not mean you cannot get benefits.  The SSA sometime makes exceptions for non-listed conditions that are similar in severity to another listed condition.  So, if your illness or condition is not listed below, still talk to an attorney about your case to see if you might qualify for disability benefits anyway.

These benefits can take the form of SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), and typically exceed $1,000 each month.  Eligibility extends to both adults and children, and numerous illnesses, injuries, and impairments can be approved.

So, which medical conditions can qualify you for monthly SSI or SSDI benefits in Arkansas?  Our legal team has assembled this guide to help you understand how each disability is evaluated by the SSA. Simply click on your condition below to get started.

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Other Conditions that May Qualify You for Monthly Disability Benefits in Arkansas

For more information, you can also browse through our Arkansas disability resources.

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