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The coronavirus pandemic has affected our way of life for the foreseeable future. For individuals that are injured during this pandemic, there are a number of questions surrounding their right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. As the court systems in Arkansas adapt to the new normal of conducting trials in the midst of the coronavirus, victims wonder how long it will take to adjudicate their case. If you need to advance a personal injury lawsuit during the coronavirus pandemic, you should consult with an experienced Arkansas attorney for delayed personal injury cases.

Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has worked with victims of severe accidents for over 20 years, and he is ready to work with you. Our firm recognizes the many challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, and we are here to alleviate your concerns. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your personal injury claim, contact Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at (479) 316-0438. You can also contact the firm online.

How coronavirus has Delayed Personal Injury Lawsuits in Arkansas

The COVID-19 epidemic has reached over one million cases in the United States, with over 80,000 deaths attributed to complications related to the virus. While Arkansas has not reported a substantial amount of cases in comparison to other states, the Arkansas court system and many other industries have been forced to close indefinitely to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. However, this has left many people with pending or newly accrued cases with a number of questions.

In Arkansas, courts have been closed since mid-March when the coronavirus epidemic became a severe threat in the United States. However, this has not entirely cut off all options for a victim that wishes to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. One step taken by Arkansas courts is the use of virtual trials and proceedings for certain cases. This has helped victims advance their lawsuit while avoiding the risk of contracting the virus.

Additionally, many law firms are also utilizing online platforms to communicate with clients. Our firm is ready to help you alleviate the stress of dealing with a legal case. We are still offering our legal services to victims, and we are ready to accommodate your unique needs during this difficult time.

At this time, Arkansas courts are implementing plans to reopen their courts. However, there are a number of restrictions that will be set in place to avoid the spread of the virus. For example, individuals that wish to attend an in-person hearing may have to submit to pre-screening to determine whether they exhibit any symptoms of the coronavirus. There are other safeguards that may be imposed by the courts:

  • The requirement of social distancing (e.g., at least six feet apart from others)
  • Questions regarding your recent travel destinations (e.g., whether you have been to a high-risk state like New York)
  • Possible requirement to wear masks while at the courthouse
  • Limited amount of people admitted to view a court case

This is not an exhaustive list. There may even be a requirement to schedule in-person proceedings to manage the spread of the virus.

It is important to note that while Arkansas courts are permitting some cases to be adjudicated virtually, there is still a high chance that you could experience delays in your personal injury lawsuit. Ken Kieklak can help you better understand how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your personal injury claim.

How COVID-19 Affects Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations determines the length of time that a potential plaintiff has to file a lawsuit against a defendant. The statute of limitations can vary depending on the circumstances of a person’s claim. However, due to the coronavirus, there are other factors to consider when determining the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit.

At this time, it is unclear whether the State of Arkansas is taking steps to toll the statute of limitations due to the coronavirus. This means that despite the substantial impact of the coronavirus, your case may still be subject to the regular statute of limitations. This matter is further complicated as courts are still in the process of reopening. If you are concerned about whether the statute of limitations in your claim will be changed due to the coronavirus, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

In Arkansas, the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is three years from the date of the injury. If a plaintiff does not file their lawsuit within this timeframe, the defendant can move for the court to dismiss the claim. This would leave a victim without any options to seek compensation for their injuries. If you are uncertain about when your case accrued, you should contact a lawyer immediately. Our firm can help you determine whether your lawsuit is still valid and whether the COVID-19 pandemic permits you to delay your filing deadline.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyer for Delayed Personal Injury Cases in Arkansas

If you need legal assistance because your personal injury lawsuit was delayed, you should consult with an experienced Arkansas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, understands that adapting to life during the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult, and he is here to help you with your legal claim. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your personal injury lawsuit, contact Ken Kieklak at (479) 316-0438.


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