Average Settlement for a Broken Arm in a Car Accident in Arkansas

Few things cause more pain and suffering than a broken arm. Whether the injury took place in a slip and fall accident or a car accident, dealing with a broken arm can prove to be difficult and overwhelming. To make the situation worse, your injuries were likely caused by another person’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.

If you broke your arm in a car accident in Fayetteville or in the surrounding counties of Arkansas, you should not face those responsible for your accident alone.  Fayetteville car accident lawyer Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, can help you hold the parties who caused your pain and suffering responsible, and fight for you to receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to. For a free legal consultation about a broken arm injury in Arkansas, call our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.

Common Arm Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

While every car accident is different, a common factor that connects them is the fact they are usually accompanied by terrible and sometimes fatal consequences. Whether it is a low-speed crash or a high-speed crash, car accidents can cause terrible, costly, and painful outcomes for drivers and occupants alike Bicyclists, pedestrians, joggers, and occupants of other vehicles are also at risk of being seriously injured.

Fayetteville AR personal injury lawyer Ken Kieklak has almost 20 years of experience handling a wide array of auto accident claims in Fayetteville, and is ready to work tirelessly to increase the worth of your arm injury claim. Some common arm injuries that can occur in a car crash accident include:

  • Bone Fractures – A person could break bones in his or her arm depending on factors such as the speed of the vehicles, the size of the vehicles, and the forces involved in the car accident. Broken bones may cause inflammation, joint dislocations, disfigurement, loss of strength or balance in the affected area, and extreme pain. Arm fractures can be divided into several groups, including:
    • Closed Fractures – These are fractures without any visible lacerations or punctures on the skin.
    • Comminuted Fractures – This type of injury occurs when the bone breaks or splinters into fragments.
    • Open Fractures – This injury shows punctures, lacerations and/or openings caused by pieces of bone sticking through the skin.
  • Broken Forearm – The forearm has two bones, the radius and ulna. Both bones can be broken near the wrist or close to the elbow area, causing intense pain and loss of functionality. People who experience this type of injury may need to undergo surgical procedures. Medical intervention helps ensure proper alignment of the bone and proper healing.
  • Broken Wrists – This type of injury can occur when people try to prevent themselves from falling or crashing into something. For example, when a car accident occurs, many people instinctively reach out to brace for impact, often leading to wrist fractures and other joint injuries. Warning signs of a broken wrist include swelling, bruising, and acute pain when trying to move the hand.

How Much Is My Car Accident Broken Arm Injury Claim Worth in Arkansas?

The injuries resulting from a car accident will greatly depend on the severity of the crash. However, even in a low-speed accident, serious harm can result, including bruises and lacerations (cuts), neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries like whiplash, and brain injuries. Fatal or catastrophic injuries are even more likely in a high-speed crash.

The worth of your settlement will depend on the severity of your injury. A mild injury may need medical attention and a short period of healing. However, a more serious injury may require surgical procedures, continuous treatment, rehabilitation ,and medication. Therefore, a settlement for this type of injury could potentially be higher.

Ultimately, each accident is unique, meaning a unique strategy is required for every claim. If you or a family member suffered a crash-related arm injury in Fayetteville, you need the help of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney who knows how to fight for a favorable settlement for your injury.

Statute of Limitations on a Personal Injury Claim in Arkansas

When a person decides to file a claim for any kind of injury, the law provides a window of time in which the filer must act. This is known as the “statute of limitations.”

The statute of limitations is the time a person has to file a claim in a timely manner. Failure to comply with the time set forth by the statute can result in the dismissal of your claim. Therefore, you will be left with no recourse for your case.

In the state of Arkansas, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is three years from the time the accident occurred. While three years may seem like a lot of time to file your claim, keep in mind that time is of the essence. Collecting evidence such as the police report, medical report, and filing the proper paperwork takes time. Therefore, you need to act quickly to prevent the dismissal of your claim.

Fayetteville, AR Personal Injury Lawyer for Car Accident Broken Arm Injury

Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has over twenty years of experience helping Arkansas residents with personal injury or car accident claims arising from vehicular accidents. If you or your loved ones have been involved in a car accident resulting in arm injuries, Ken Kieklak can help you hold those responsible for your injuries accountable.

Do not wait until it’s too late to file your claim. For your free and confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.