Carroll County, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

Carroll County, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

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    If you or a loved one was hurt because of the careless or reckless conduct of another person, company, or agency, you have legal rights. Unexpected and preventable accidents often leave victims under a mountain of medical bills and other financial stress. When someone else is to blame, they should be held accountable.

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is a Carroll County, AR personal injury lawyer committed to providing professional legal representation to people who were harmed through no fault of their own. The idea of a personal injury lawsuit could be intimidating, but our office strives to make the process as stress-free as possible. To schedule a free appointment to review your case, call (479) 316-0438.

    Services Provided by Our Carroll County, AR Personal Injury Attorney

    Our experienced Carroll County personal injury attorney provides many important services to our clients.

    Explain the Process

    If you were hurt in a car accident or another type of incident that was caused by another’s negligent conduct, you have rights. Depending on the type of accident, many different potential legal issues could affect your case. Our office is committed to providing you a clear understanding of your rights and options, including how the statute of limitations impacts your case and if Arkansas’ comparative negligence rule will have any influence on your compensation.

    Guide You Through the Procedure

    Simply ensuring a client understands the legal principles at play is not enough. Ken Kieklak will also serve as a tour guide through the legal system. This includes helping a client understand legal, medical, and insurance jargon. Any personal injury case is a maze of documents and paperwork that our office will help you navigate.

    Offer Legal Advice and Objective Opinions

    Providing advice is essential in a personal injury case. For instance, it is critical to avoid any statements to a defendant’s insurance company that might shift blame or allow the insurance provider to deny a claim. Additionally, we provide guidance in working with medical professionals. While the course of treatment after an injury is a decision between you and your doctor, we will help ensure that the treatment is documented to support your legal claims. A key component in any personal injury lawsuit is establishing a relationship between the injury and the accident.

    A knowledgeable Arkansas personal injury attorney will also be candid. Accident victims are sometimes driven by emotions such as fear, anger, and frustration. By helping you understand the weaknesses and strengths of your case, our office will put you in the best possible position to make an informed decision. You have the final say in accepting an insurance offer or taking your case to court. Our job is to give you the information and advice to make an objective decision.

    Communicate with Insurance Companies

    Communication with insurance companies can be frustrating. When you have professional legal representation, you can concentrate on healing while your attorney negotiates with the insurance provider. Our office’s goal is to get you the largest award possible – sometimes that is through direct negotiation with a defendant’s insurance company.

    Take Your Case to Court

    In other situations, it might be necessary to take your case to court. When an insurance company denies a claim or offers an artificially low settlement amount, filing a lawsuit might be the best option. Personal injury litigation is often complicated, especially in cases of medical malpractice, serious car accidents, and other devastating incidents. It is vital to adhere to the procedural rules and ensure all potentially liable parties are included in the lawsuit. Personal injury claims are usually won on the strength of the evidence and the skill of the lawyer.

    Types of Cases Our Carroll County, AR Personal Injury Attorney Handles

    Every personal injury case is unique and each arises from its own set of circumstances. Our Carroll County personal injury attorney handles a wide variety of cases.

    Automotive Vehicle Accidents

    Residents of Carroll County travel the roads and surrounding highways every day. Unfortunately, accidents occur. Whether you are injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you have legal options if another person caused the accident. Our office will thoroughly investigate the crash to determine what parties could be held liable.

    Medical Malpractice

    People trust doctors and other medical professionals to make decisions and take actions that are in their best interests. When medical mistakes occur, the healthcare professional that made the error should be held accountable. Medical malpractice cases are complicated and required an experienced lawyer.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    One of the most common causes of personal injury cases is slip and fall accidents. When someone losses their footing, they could be severely injured. Property owners and managers throughout Carroll County have an obligation to keep their property free of known hazards. If a property owner or manager neglects their duty and someone is hurt, they should be held financially responsible.

    Product Liability Cases

    People rely on the products they purchase to perform as intended. Whether it is a vacuum cleaner, heater, or any other product, a consumer usually has the right to return it if it is not functioning correctly. However, when a product malfunctions or is defective and causes an injury, the product’s manufacturer could be held liable for any damages.

    Call Our Carroll County, AR Personal Injury Lawyer for a Free Consultation

    Personal injury cases stem from a wide variety of injuries and accidents. Our Carroll County, AR personal injury lawyer has handled many types of cases for many different injuries. Accident victims have a right to be compensated for the harm they endured. If you have been injured and believe another person was at fault, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at (479) 316-0438 to schedule a free consultation to talk about your case.