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Are SSDI Benefits Retroactive In Arkansas?

If you become disabled because of a medical condition or accident, you could need weeks or months to recover.  During that time, you may be unable to work and have little to no income while you lay in the hospital or at home recovering.  If you can’t go back to work,...

Can I Get Disability from a Concussion in Arkansas?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a type of injury that happens as a result of a hard hit to the head. A concussion is a common example of TBI, often caused by car accidents or strikes by falling or heavy objects. These injuries can be mild, causing temporary ailments...

Can Disability be Garnished for Alimony in Arkansas?

Wage garnishment is one of the strongest tools that courts have to make sure that people continue to make court-ordered payments. You can have money taken directly out of your paychecks if you fail to pay things like child support or alimony, but also for failure to...

Can Disability be Garnished for Child Support in Arkansas?

Receiving federal aid may be your only way of seeking income to support yourself if you face an ongoing medical condition that keeps you from working. However, while this money comes from the US Government’s Social Security Agency (SSA), child support is handled in an...

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Arkansas

Being injured in an accident can be frustrating. Not only might you be facing serious injuries that cause pain and discomfort, but you may be out of work or unable to return to work. If you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation. Arkansas allows injury...

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