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Types of Personal Injury Claims in Arkansas

Being injured in an accident can be frustrating. Not only might you be facing serious injuries that cause pain and discomfort, but you may be out of work or unable to return to work. If you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation. Arkansas allows injury...

What to Expect from a Social Security Review in Arkansas

If you’ve applied to get Social Security benefits for your disability, it may be a long road before you are accepted. On top of that, it may require additional work on your part before the Social Security Administration (SSA) accepts your application for Social...

4 Factors that Can Improve Your Disability Case in Arkansas

If you are suffering from a serious injury, or have a medical condition that prevents you from working, you might be entitled to file for Social Security Disability (SSD). Disability payments may provide you with a living wage if your condition is too severe to allow...

What is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Arkansas?

According to the Arkansas State Police and Highway Safety Office, there were 60,947 total crashes reported in 2014, an increase from 2013. There were 436 fatalities reported the same year. Though this represents a decrease from the 2013 statistics, the number of...

Income Limits for Social Security Disability in 2017

Your ability to get Social Security Disability (SSD) payments in Arkansas or anywhere in the US is based on your ability to work. If you are truly “disabled,” under the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s definition, then you are unable to go to work. The SSA...

Is Social Security Disability Taxable in Arkansas?

If you are injured, you may turn to Social Security Disability (SSD) to help support you through your injuries. Social Security Disability can help provide you with a living wage if you are unable to return to work. However, the payments that you get from SSD are...

How Long Does a Workers’ Comp. Claim Take in Arkansas?

Workers’ compensation claims exist to help injured workers get medical treatment and continue getting paid while they recover from workplace injuries. If you’re injured, you need medical care now. However, the workers’ compensation system in Arkansas is based on your...

How to Report a Car Accident in Arkansas

If you were just in a car accident in Arkansas, you might need to file a police report. Whether you’ll be using insurance or filing a lawsuit for your injuries, a police report is a vital part of ensuring you can prove your accident happened, and prove which parties...

Determining Work Injury Settlements in Arkansas

If you were injured at work or suffer from a work-related condition, you might be entitled to compensation. This can come in one of two forms, in most cases: either you file for workers’ compensation, or you sue your employer. The Arkansas workers’ compensation...

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