The Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Ankle Surgery in Arkansas?

Workers’ Compensation covers various injuries and accidents in the workplace, including injuries to the ankle. Workers’ Compensation should cover your expenses when surgery is needed to treat ankle injuries.

It is hard to determine the average Workers’ Compensation settlement for ankle surgeries in Arkansas since settlements will vary depending on the severity of the injury. Each case is unique, and while one person’s ankle surgery might be a simple procedure, another person’s surgery might be invasive, complex, and expensive. Workers’ Compensation is often paid out in intervals, but accepting a lump sum settlement is possible. The value of your settlement will depend on your medical expenses and whether you can return to work after the ankle surgery. Your average weekly salary also influences your settlement. The more you earned before your surgery, the more your settlement should be worth.

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Does Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas cover Ankle Surgery?

If your ankle surgery results from a workplace injury, it should be covered by Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas. In fact, under Arkansas Code § 11-9-105(a)(1), injured employees are required to file Workers’ Compensation claims and are barred from pursuing personal injury lawsuits against their employers. Our Bella Vista Workers’ Compensation lawyers are here to assist you in filing your claim and getting your needs covered.

Workplace accidents cause many ankle injuries. For example, falling in the office stairwell and injuring your ankle would be a compensable injury under Workers’ Compensation laws. However, this is not the only way that ankle injuries happen. In many fields of work, employees perform repetitive physical tasks that take a physical toll over time. Employees required to work on their feet for long hours might eventually need ankle surgery to correct an injury that occurred over time.

Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Ankle Surgery in Arkansas

An average settlement for ankle surgeries in Arkansas Workers’ Compensation cases is difficult to estimate because not all ankle surgeries are the same. Numerous accidents or mishaps may cause ankle injuries. How your ankle was injured greatly influences a possible Workers’ Compensation settlement. Our Benton County Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you figure out how much your ankle surgery case is worth.

Ankle injuries involving soft-tissue damage are often less expensive to treat, and workers tend to recover a bit faster. As such, the average Workers’ Compensation settlement for something like a sprained ankle is likely lower. More severe injuries, like broken ankles or torn ligaments, tend to be met with higher Workers’ Compensation settlements on average.

Surgeries, no matter what for, tend to be very expensive. Injuries that require surgery also tend to be more serious and involve much longer recovery times. On top of that, your ankle is more likely to be vital to your work. Even if people do not work on their feet, simply getting to work might be impossible if they are recovering from ankle surgery. On average, you should expect a settlement for ankle surgery to be significant, although your specific circumstances will determine the ultimate worth of the case.

Workers’ Compensation Settlements for Ankle Surgery in Arkansas

Workers’ Compensation benefits are often paid at regular intervals, often every week. However, you can also accept a lump sum settlement in your Workers’ Compensation case. Under Arkansas Code § 11-9-804(a)(1), you may receive Workers’ Compensation in the form of a lump sum settlement equal to the present value of all future compensation at a 10% discount.

The average settlement considers multiple factors, including the medical costs of your ankle surgery and your lost earnings. These expenses can differ widely from case to case, so you should speak to our Bentonville Workers’ Compensation lawyers about a possible lump sum to determine how much your case is worth.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are often very high and do not always end with surgery. Someone who needs ankle surgery after a workplace accident might also need pain medication, crutches, bandages, physical therapy, or even additional surgeries if the first one was unsuccessful.

Because medical treatment may differ so much between ankle injury cases, it is hard to determine the average Workers’ Compensation settlement amount for such cases. Even if we did have an accurate average, it is possible that your case could fall far outside this hypothetical average if your medical needs were greater.

Lost Wages

After your ankle surgery, you might be unable to return to work while you recover. Once you have reached maximum medical improvement, you might still not be back to 100%. According to Arkansas Code § 11-9-501(b), you cannot recover more than 2/3 of your average weekly wage before you were injured. As such, people who earned a higher income would also be entitled to greater Workers’ Compensation payments and a higher settlement.

We also must consider how long you might be out of work because of your ankle. Generally, injured workers can only recover compensation during the healing period. Under Arkansas Code § 11-9-521(a)(11), amputation of the foot at the ankle may be compensated with 131 weeks of Workers’ Compensation. Additionally, the permanent total loss of a member will be compensated as if the member was amputated, and partial loss of function will generally yield a proportion of the benefits of a total loss.

Once a doctor has determined the worker has reached their maximum medical improvement, the healing period may be considered over. At that point, if you are physically able to return to work, your Workers’ Compensation payments would cease. When determining a possible settlement, your doctor can help our Farmington Workers’ Compensation lawyers estimate how long you are expected to be out of work. If your injuries are permanent and you can never fully return to work, our team can help you explore other options for disability benefits if you exhaust your Workers’ Compensation.

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