Cleburne County, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

Cleburne County, AR Personal Injury Lawyer

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    Sustaining injuries because of negligence can be very traumatic for victims. Not only are there the financial consequences of injuries, like the cost of medical treatment, but there are also real emotional damages for victims. To recover compensation for such losses, you can file a lawsuit against the party responsible.

    Injury claims arise for various reasons in Cleburne County, such as car accidents, slip and falls, workplace accidents, and defective product accidents. Such claims involve a negligent party who breached the duty of care they owed another, injuring a victim and causing them real damages. After an accident due to negligence, you can call the police to report it and get emergency medical attention. As you physically recover from the incident, our lawyers can assess your monetary and emotional damages by reviewing all losses associated with the accident in question. We can then help you file your complaint with the court before the three-year filing deadline for injury lawsuits.

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    Top Causes of Personal Injuries in Cleburne County, AR

    Cleburne County is one of Arkansas’s smallest counties in terms of population. That does not mean, however, that those who live in this corner of the world never see accidents.

    According to data provided by the Arkansas Crash Analytics Tool, 463 motor vehicle accidents happened in Cleburne County in 2022, 24 of which resulted in suspected serious injuries to victims. A large portion of car accidents in the area, 126 of them, happened in Heber Springs, the county seat of Cleburne County. Car accidents cause a variety of serious injuries to victims, including crushing injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries.

    Premises liability claims arise when a negligent property owner breaches their duty of care, often resulting in slip and fall accidents. For example, suppose you were walking down the hallway of your apartment building and tripped because of damaged flooring. If the hallway was under the property manager’s purview, and their failure to address the hazard caused your injuries, you could file an injury lawsuit.

    Our lawyers also handle defective product accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, and motorcycle accidents, among other cases. Even if your case is not particularly common, if negligence was present during the accident, you might have reason to sue for personal injury in Cleburne County.

    In Arkansas, the filing deadline for injury lawsuits is three years. This time limitation applies to claims brought because of most accidents, like car accidents and slip and falls. The filing deadline for medical malpractice lawsuits is one year shorter, giving victims just two years to sue negligent medical professionals and hospitals.

    How to Report an Injury to Law Enforcement in Cleburne County, AR

    Several cities and towns make up Cleburne County, so depending on where exactly an accident happens, victims might not know which law enforcement agency to notify.

    If you are injured and need medical attention, call 911. The operator can inform the proper law enforcement agency, which might be from another county altogether, as Cleburne County shares some of its cities, like Fairfield Bay and Quitman, with other counties. If you need to know which law enforcement agency responded to the accident, our lawyers can identify the correct one and proceed to obtain the police report.

    Calling the police is not reserved only for motor vehicle accident victims. If you are hurt, no matter the cause, you can call 911 for help.

    Assessing Personal Injury Victims’ Damages in Cleburne County, AR

    Before filing a lawsuit, you should know the value of your case so that you are better prepared for what comes next. Our lawyers can carefully document and review all of your losses to calculate your deserved recovery in Cleburne County.

    Monetary Damages

    Monetary damages are quite broad in personal injury cases. If you can show you incurred a certain expense directly because of the accident in question, it may be compensated. The most common monetary damages in personal injury lawsuits are for victims’ medical bills and missed wages. Lawsuits can cover all necessary medical expenses related to an injury, including prescription medications, surgeries, physical therapy, crutches, doctor visits, and more.

    Victims might miss work for even minor injuries that heal relatively. Inform our personal injury lawyers if you missed out on any income because of a recent accident. By reviewing your employment history, past tax returns, or old paystubs, we can estimate your lost income and include that amount in the portion of injury complaint requesting economic damages.

    Child care, transportation, and any additional out-of-pocket expenses due to an accident are compensable as well. Arkansas does not limit victims’ recoveries of economic damages in injury claims.

    Emotional Damages

    The stress of constantly going to the hospital for treatment, being unable to engage in activities you once enjoyed, or having to learn new ways of navigating the world can be overwhelming for injury victims in Cleburne County. Because of this, victims can recover compensatory damages for their emotional losses.

    For example, if a motorcyclist was T-boned by a car driver, causing them to sustain spinal cord injuries, they might be permanently injured. Such injuries could prevent them from ever riding their motorcycle again, something that once improved their quality of life and brought them happiness. That information, along with additional evidence of a victim’s emotional distress or mental anguish, can lead to an award that includes non-economic damages. Arkansas does not cap non-financial damages, meaning your recovery could be substantial. Do not discount your pain and suffering. If you are struggling emotionally after an accident, confiding in a mental health professional can help you heal and recover compensation for non-economic damages in Cleburne County.

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