The Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Arkansas

Breaking down car accidents by “type” is a broad question. There are many “types” of accidents, based on the types of vehicles involved, the location of the accident on the car, and other factors. We’ve looked into the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) to determine what the most common accidents are in these and other categories. 2014 and 2015 are the most recent statistics available for many of these stats, but these should still give a good picture of how frequently these accidents occur.

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Most Common Car Accidents

We’ve looked into the NHTSA’s statistics and pulled some of the most interesting statistics that help answer the question of what the “most common type of car accident” is in Arkansas:

Most Common Types of Vehicle Involved

Looking at the type of accident based on the types of vehicles involved, we can see that most accidents are between passenger cars and light trucks. FARS records accidents based on the type of vehicle involved, using the following categories:

  • Passenger cars,
  • Light trucks,
  • Large trucks,
  • Motorcycles, and
  • Busses.

You would think that passenger car vs. passenger car would be the most common accident, since these are the most common vehicles on the road. Instead, the most common accident was between light trucks and passenger cars in Arkansas. This definition of “light truck” includes pickups, SUVs, and even minivans. The most common vehicle involved in a crash, overall, was still the class 4-door, hardtop sedan, followed by a standard pickup truck.

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Most Common BAC

BAC stands for “blood alcohol content,” and is a measure of how much alcohol the driver had in their system. When police respond to an accident that appears to have been caused by alcohol, they will usually measure the drivers’ BACs and charge them with DUI or DWI where appropriate. Fortunately, the most common BAC level for a car accident in Arkansas is .00%. This accounts for 65% of all car accidents.

That also means that the other 35% of crashes involved some level of alcohol. 29% of crashes involved BACs of .08% or higher – meaning they were over the legal limit. The other 6% of crashes involved BACs between .01% and .07%.

Most Common Locations and Positions

Some interesting statistics FARS records are where the accident took place and how the cars collided. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of crashes occurred on the roadway, but many also took place on the side of the road. Most accidents in Arkansas were front-impact collisions, and most accidents occurred on straight roads – not at intersections. While changing lanes, making turns, and merging may seem dangerous, less than 100 crashes in 2015 involved intersections, and only five involved entrance or exit ramps.

FARS even tracks accidents by county or city. Pulaski County has the most car accidents in Arkansas, by far. The county with the second most accidents is Garland County, then Washington County and Benton County are tied for third place.

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Most Common Time for Accidents

The majority of accidents occur in the daytime. This makes sense, since most people are out and active during the day. More accidents occur during the evening traffic rush than in the morning, and very few accidents occur in the early morning hours. Arkansas traffic accidents are relatively common throughout the day, though – unlike many states with high peaks during rush hour.

Traffic accidents are quite common throughout the year, as well. There is a spike towards the end of the summer, with August having the highest number of accidents. There is a significant drop in accidents in December and January, despite the typical dangers associated with driving through snow and ice. Otherwise, November and October are (respectively) the second and third worst months for accidents.

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