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How Are Pain and Suffering Calculated After a Car Accident in Arkansas?


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Unfortunately, thousands of drivers are severely injured in car accidents all across Arkansas. Injured victims often have to face a challenging recovery period while facing crushing medical debt. Car accident victims often have to go through all of the emotional trauma associated with their crash. Fortunately, injured victims in car accidents have the opportunity to fight for their compensation. The compensation you can get as an injured victim can help you cover things like your pain and suffering. However, you may wonder how you can get this specific form of compensation. Our Fayetteville car accident attorney Ken Kieklak invites you to keep reading as he answers this critical question.

Calculating Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident in Arkansas

Unfortunately, many car accident victims in Arkansas have to deal with catastrophic personal injuries. The amount of pain and suffering caused by these injuries can be challenging as injured victims try to recover. In addition to the physical pain injured victims have to endure, there is also the mental, emotional, and psychological damage associated with a car crash. Fortunately, you can get compensation or “damages” to cover these losses. However, it is essential to distinguish between the types of damages that may be available to you after a car accident in Arkansas.

The goal of all personal injury claims is to make the injured victim “whole,” intending to compensate for the losses suffered as a result of their accident. In other words, the purpose behind a personal injury lawsuit is to put the victim back to where she was before their car accident. Thus, the courts often grant compensation for an injured victim’s medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. However, as an injured victim, you can also get compensation for your pain and suffering.

Two main areas within personal injury law address compensation: economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages are compensations granted to a victim for their tangible, easily-quantifiable losses. For instance, the jury can easily determine how much compensation you can receive for damage done you your vehicle, medical expenses, and lost wages.

However, things are more complicated when it comes to calculating or determining noneconomic damages. Noneconomic damages are far more complex. It may be difficult for the court to calculate a definitive amount of compensation on the physical pain and emotional trauma you endured during your accident. One of the best ways you can help the court understand what these injuries mean is to testify in open court about your overall experience and how your life changed as a result of your pain and suffering.

A critical caveat to consider is that damages for pain and suffering are only possible through a personal injury lawsuit. Out of court settlements and arrangements with insurance companies may not provide coverage for these losses. It is always in your best interest to first consult with an Arkansas car accident injury attorney.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect from My Car Accident Claim in Arkansas?

Determining a fixed price on your particular case can be difficult, especially when it comes to calculating compensation for your pain and suffering. The circumstances of every case are always different, and the court will evaluate each case considering all of the elements involved in it.

Additionally, every case involving pain and suffering is different, and every emotional, psychological, and mental injury yields different outcomes. It is critical to understand that you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney when you file your personal injury claim in Arkansas. Their guidance and support can help you understand what to expect from the process ad how much compensation is possible in your case.

The amount of damages you can expect from your case depends on different elements in your case.

In analyzing your case, the court will evaluate the extent of your injuries, the medical treatment needed during the process, and the overall impact of your injuries. Through this analysis and comparing it with your life quality before your car accident, the court can have a more tangible way to determine how much money they can award you. For instance, you can show the court how a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or broken bone injury negatively affected your overall quality of life.

Testifying in open court about your experience and how your car accident affected you physically and emotionally can help you increase your compensation. The court and the jury can be persuaded to determine that you deserve a substantial compensation if you can tell them how you had to endure chronic pain, physical limitations, loss of enjoyment, and other post-traumatic effects. Your message to the court and the jury should be clear, persuasive, and truthful.

For many injured victims, reliving their accident during their personal injury claim in Arkansas can be challenging. However, facing this situation head-on can give you a better chance of fighting for the compensation you deserve. Some individuals may try to represent themselves in their personal injury cases. Nothing in the law stops you from doing so. However, it is best not to risk the compensation you deserve to cover all of your losses, both economic and noneconomic. It is always in your best interest to hire experienced Arkansas personal injury attorneys who can guide you and help you throughout the process.

Personal Injury Attorney Helping Victims Fight for Compensation After a Car Accident in AR

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in Arkansas, Ken Kieklak can help. Over the years, we have seen countless cases involving personal injury. We represent injured victims in Arkansas and help them fight aggressively and strategically for the compensation they deserve. Our Fayetteville personal injury attorneys are ready to sit with you in a free, confidential consultation and let you know what you may expect from your case. To learn more about our services, call the law offices of Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law today at (479) 316-0438.

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