How Far Back Does Disability Pay in Arkansas?

Applying Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is often a challenging and complex process to understand. If your application has been taking months, you might be wondering if you will get any back pay. There are situations when a claimant is entitled to retroactive benefits.

Typically, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will look back seventeen months and pay twelve months of back benefits. If you believe you are entitled to back pay, you should speak with our Arkansas Social Security Disability attorneys. Our experienced benefits lawyers will help you file for the benefits you deserve.

Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has been assisting Arkansas residents navigating the complex waters of the Social Security Disability benefits process for over twenty years. Initial applications are only approved approximately 37% of the time and any delays could cost you much-needed benefits. Call (479) 316-0438 if you are planning to file for or have filed for disability benefits.

Back Pay Owed for Social Security Benefits in Arkansas

The SSA typically has a significant backlog of claims that are being processed and that impacts your back pay claim. There is a five-month waiting period for processing Social Security Disability claims in Arkansas. Therefore, the date you file your claim will affect when you could receive retroactive benefits.

The important thing to understand is that you are entitled to back pay benefits in Arkansas when your benefits claim is delayed for over five months. This means that you will be compensated for every day that passes that you are not receiving your SSDI benefits once your claim is approved.

In some cases, a disabled individual might be eligible for retroactive benefits. These payments would provide benefits from the time you suffered your disability and initially applied for benefits, minus the five-month waiting time. Having our experienced Farmington Social Security Disability attorneys advocating on your behalf will be helpful to secure the benefits you deserve.

Getting Pack Pay for Social Security Disability Benefits in Arkansas

When filing a claim for SSDI in Arkansas, it is critical that you provide supportive medical records and evidence indicating the date your medical condition began limiting your ability to work. Our Arkansas Social Security Disability lawyers are familiar with what evidence is persuasive and will help you gather the necessary documentation.

The SSA will only look back seventeen months when a claim is filed and only provide back payments for twelve months. Therefore, you should file for SSDI benefits as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for back payments, you should speak with one of our Fayetteville Social Security Disability attorneys. Our office will be able to help you determine when your medical condition began and what retroactive benefits you could receive.

The Deadline for Filing For Back Social Security Disability Benefits in Arkansas

Under Arkansas law, there is no official deadline for filing back SSDI benefits. Nonetheless, you should file your benefits claim as soon as possible. As stated above, the SSA will only retroactively pay benefits back for a twelve-month period. Additionally, the SSA reviews your past seventeen months, no matter when your medical condition began. If you fail to file your claim within this timeframe, you could lose valuable back benefits. Our Arkansas Social Security Disability lawyers have the experience to assist you in filing for your claim and understand the importance of timing your filing. While you do not want to lose your back pay, you also do not want to file a claim before you have sufficient medical evidence. Filing a claim too soon could result in a denial.

In Arkansas, back payments are paid in a lump sum by the Social Security Administration. Once your SSDI claim is approved, you should receive your full back benefits. If you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in addition to SSDI, your back payments will be paid in three payments over six months.

Tips for Getting Your Back Social Security Benefits in Arkansas

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is often overwhelming and frustrating. It is critical to have our seasoned Arkansas Social Security Disability attorneys at your side so you could avoid many of the mistakes that occur. Below are some suggestions on how to avoid losing benefits and receiving your back payments as soon as possible.

When you receive your benefits and the number of back payments you receive will depend on when you file your disability claim. The sooner you file, the faster you will receive your monthly payments and any eligible retroactive payments.

Proving when your medical condition began plays a vital role in determining your eligibility for back payments. Filing a claim without substantial medical records and evidence not only jeopardizes the likelihood of back payments but could also result in your claim being denied. The onset date of your condition is a key component and it might require arguing your position before an administrative law judge. It is highly advisable to have our competent and knowledgeable Fort Smith Social Security Disability attorneys representing you at any Social Security hearing.

Contact Our Arkansas Social Security Attorneys if You Believe You Are Eligible for Retroactive Benefits

Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, knows the frustrations people filing for Social Security benefits experience. Our attorneys and staff are also aware that timing is vitally important when applying for disability benefits. Receiving your full amount of retroactive payments depends on when you file, the evidence you present, and how vigorously you advocate for your benefits. You should not file a disability claim without discussing your case with our Arkansas Social Security Disability lawyers. Contact our law offices at (479) 316-0438 to review your claim.