How Much Can You Get from Disability Benefits in Arkansas?

Living with a disability is an experience that is unique to each person with a disability. Social Security disability benefits have the potential to help people with disabilities, even though the circumstances of their disability are different. However, the amount of disability benefits available to a person could vary depending on their circumstances. If you have questions about the limits of Social Security disability payments, you should contact a knowledgeable Arkansas disability benefits attorney today. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, knows how important it is for a person living with a disability to secure Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and he would like to offer you his legal services to apply for benefits that could change your life. In this article, Fayetteville, AR disability lawyer Ken Kieklak is here to explain how much a person can get from disability benefits in Arkansas.

Average Amount of Disability Benefits in Arkansas

People that are interested in applying for disability benefits in Arkansas should know that each person will not be granted the same amount of money for their monthly payments. Many recipients of SSDI benefits will be awarded between $800 to $1800 per month in their disability checks. Most recipients receive an average of about $1,277 per month from their SSDI benefits. The maximum amount of money that could be awarded for disability payments is roughly $3,000.

While the average amount for monthly disability payments is about $1,277 per month, you should not assume that you would be eligible to receive this amount or the maximum amount of money without speaking with an experienced Springdale, AR disability benefits attorney.

Calculating Disability Benefits in Arkansas

There is often a misconception that the severity of a person’s disability or the assets they own will influence their monthly disability payment. However, neither of these factors are considered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) when calculating benefits for an SSDI recipient. Instead, to determine how much money an applicant could be awarded for SSDI benefits, the SSA will look at the lifetime earnings of the applicant.

The lifetime earnings of the SSDI applicant are important because the applicant will need to have contributed taxes from their earnings to secure their retirement benefits. If a person works a job where they receive a salary, the money will likely be automatically removed from their paycheck and put towards Social Security taxes. Note, however, if you are self-employed or work as an independent contractor, you will be solely responsible for extracting taxes from your earnings to put towards your Social Security retirement.

Failing to pay Social Security taxes could negatively affect the amount of your monthly disability payment because the SSA will examine the income of the applicant over a period of years to calculate their benefits. For example, if an applicant for SSDI benefits earned over $100,000 for the past five years, they will likely be awarded more money than an individual that earned $50,000 for the past few years. This is because one applicant will pay a larger amount of money in Social Security taxes.

If you are unsure about how much money you will be awarded for monthly SSDI benefits, our firm could examine your case to determine your estimated monthly payment.

Reasons Why Disability Benefits Might Be Reduced in Arkansas

The reduction of monthly disability benefits is another factor that should be considered when calculating SSDI for applicants. The primary reason that SSDI monthly payments are reduced is that the applicant is receiving benefits from another source. For instance, when an SSDI recipient gets public disability benefits from a local, state, or federally funded source, this typically will reduce their monthly payments.

One example of a public disability benefit is workers’ compensation benefits. When a person is injured at the workplace, they could apply to receive benefits from their employer. Unfortunately, if a worker also was awarded SSDI benefits, the workers’ comp benefits will reduce their payment amount. Military disability benefits, temporary disability benefits, and other types of public benefits could also decrease the amount of a disability check.

When receiving SSDI, you should also be aware that the amount of money received for SSDI payments and public disability benefits should not exceed 80% of your average earnings before you were disabled. If your benefits exceed 80% of your average earnings, the excess amount will be deducted from your SSDI checks.

If this is your first time applying for disability benefits, you should work with our Farmington, AR disability benefits lawyer today. Ken Kieklak has fought for residents of Arkansas in many claims for SSDI benefits, and he is here to discuss the details of your case. Let our firm help you fight for the disability benefits that you deserve.

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