How Much Disability Will You Get if You Never Worked in Arkansas?

People with disabilities can apply for various disability benefits provided by the state or federal governments. Some programs, like Social Security disability insurance (SSDI), require applicants to have a certain number of working years in their history.

Even if you have never worked before, you might still be able to receive disability benefits through certain programs. Generally, SSDI requires a history of employment before benefits are approved. However, you might be able to get SSDI benefits without any work history through a spouse or parent. Other programs, like Supplemental Security Income (SSI), allow people to apply for benefits without a work history and are based mostly on financial need. If you cannot apply for SSDI benefits and have no family members through which you can receive SSDI benefits, an attorney can help you explore other possibilities.

Living with a disability can be difficult, and many people cannot earn an income because of their disability. Programs like SSDI are there to help, and there might be ways to work around work history requirements. For a free case evaluation, call our Arkansas disability benefits lawyers at (479) 316-0438.

Applying for Disability Benefits in Arkansas with No Work History

One of the most popular programs for people with disabilities is Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). This program tends to be the first option for many people because it is geared specifically toward people who need assistance due to their disabilities. Our Bella Vista disability benefits lawyers have experience with SSDI applications and can help you start your application.

One significant hurdle to overcome when applying for SSDI is the issue of work history. SSDI benefits are based on the applicant’s number of working years prior to their disability. The number of working years you must have in your history depends on your age. Generally, people who became disabled at an older age should have more working years, and people who became disabled when they were younger need fewer.

Some people have no work history for various reasons. Common reasons include being a child. People born with disabilities or who became disabled at very young ages might have no work history because they were never able to work. In other cases, a person might have been a stay-at-home spouse and parent before becoming disabled. If you have no work history, there might still be ways to obtain SSDI benefits.

SSDI Benefits for Disabled Children in Arkansas

As mentioned, children with disabilities often need assistance but have no work history that would qualify them for SSDI benefits. SSDI benefits might still be obtainable through the child’s parents in such a case. In certain circumstances, a child can receive SSDI benefits using their parent’s work history to apply. Our Arkansas disability benefits lawyers can help you and your child begin the application process.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), children may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits through their parents under two different circumstances. First, the child must be unmarried and younger than 18. They may still be eligible if they are older, but they must be younger than 19 and still in high school.

The second scenario involves children older than 18. They may still be eligible if their disability did not begin before age 22. Essentially, an adult child may be eligible for SSDI benefits through their parents as long as their disability began before they turned 22.

A child receiving SSDI this way may collect up to 50% of their parent’s disability benefit amount. The total possible benefit amount varies based on the parent’s income and working years. Not only that, but the amount of benefits you receive might also be affected by how many people in your family are receiving benefits. For example, if your child and spouse both receive benefits through your SSDI, the total amount payable may be greater.

Adults with No Work History Applying for Disability Benefits in Arkansas

Many adults do not have work histories when they become disabled. For example, some stay-at-home parents have never worked because their spouse was the primary breadwinner while they took care of the home. If such a person becomes disabled, our Bentonville disability benefits attorneys can help them receive SSDI benefits through their spouse.

Much like when children apply for disability benefits through their parents, there are two general scenarios in which an adult may be eligible through their spouse. First, you can apply for SSDI benefits through your spouse if you are at least 62 years old. Second, you can apply through your spouse regardless of age if you care for a disabled child or a child younger than 16. If one spouse has enough work credits, the other may take advantage of SSDI benefits.

The benefits you can receive are similar to the limits for children. A person can collect up to 50% of their spouse’s total benefits, and the total amount possible varies based on work history and income.

What to Do If You Never Worked and Cannot Get SSDI in Arkansas

Suppose you have no work history, no parents, and no spouse through which you can obtain SSDI benefits. In that case, our Farmington disability benefits attorneys can help you begin exploring other options for assistance. One possibility is SSI, which is not based on work history but is instead based primarily on financial need.

You might have other options depending on how your disability began. For example, if you became disabled after being injured through someone else’s negligence, we might be able to help you file a personal injury lawsuit. In such a lawsuit, you can claim damages for things like medical bills and any future expenses you encounter because of your disability.

Your legal options depend largely on your unique circumstances. If you are unsure you qualify for SSDI benefits, you should speak to an attorney immediately about other assistance programs or legal options.

Contact Our Arkansas Disability Benefits Lawyers for Help

Even people with disabilities with no work history can apply for SSDI benefits through family members. If you have no family members to help you, our Rogers disability benefits lawyers can help you determine your options. Call us at (479) 316-0438 for a free case review.