How to Apply for Disability After Kidney Failure or Disease in Arkansas

Kidney failure can be a frightening medical condition for any person to experience. The daily strain on a person’s body and the several medical treatments needed to treat the illness will cause a number of issues for a person. However, it may be possible to receive disability benefits for this condition. If you or a family member is experiencing kidney failure or kidney disease and wish to apply for disability benefits, you should consult with an experienced Fayetteville, AR disability benefits lawyer as soon as possible.

Our firm has provided many Arkansas residents with the legal representation they deserved to file for disability benefits for a medical condition or a severe injury. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is here to discuss how to apply for disability benefits for kidney failure in Arkansas.

Does Kidney Disease Qualify for Disability Benefits in Arkansas?

A person’s kidneys are needed to filter blood and remove toxins from the body. These organs will then send the toxins to your bladder, which will allow them to be removed during urination. However, if a person’s kidneys are failing, they will lose the ability to filter dangerous waste from their blood. As a result, a person’s body will become filled with toxins that could cause other health issues or even death.

To determine whether an illness is eligible for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consult its Blue Book manual. Fortunately, the SSA recognizes kidney failure and kidney disease as medical conditions that qualify for disability benefits.

However, you will have to provide extensive experience about the severity of your illness. The SSA will not simply approve benefits once a person is shown to have developed a specific type of illness. For example, you may have to show that you underwent kidney dialysis or had a transplant in order to collect disability benefits.

Our firm can help you prepare to apply for the disability benefits that you need. To learn more about the SSA’s process for approving claims for disability benefits, you should continue reading and speak with and speak with an experienced Farmington, AR disability lawyer today.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits for Kidney Failure in Arkansas

If you are suffering from kidney failure or kidney disease, you may be eligible for disability benefits. There are two types of disability benefits that a person can apply for in Arkansas: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

SSI are payments that aid disabled adults and minors that are unemployed or that have a limited income. To qualify for SSI payments, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least age 65 or be blind or be disabled
  • Must have limited income and resources with no way to support themselves
  • Must be a U.S. citizen, national of the U.S., or an alien under certain circumstances

Additionally, an applicant for SSI cannot own more than $2,000 in assets. However, this does not include owning a home or a vehicle.

To qualify for SSDI, you must have a severe impairment that is recognized by the SSA, as mentioned earlier.

How to Get Approved for Disability Benefits for Kidney Disease in Arkansas

To be approved for disability benefits, the SSA uses a five-step process to verify whether an applicant is eligible:

  1. Whether the applicant is working – The first step is to determine the working status of the applicant and the amount of money they earn per month. If the applicant makes over a certain amount per month, referred to as substantial gainful activity, they will be unable to receive disability benefits. The limit for substantial gainful activity in 2020 is $1,260 for non-blind individuals and $2,110 for blind individuals.
  2. The Severity of the Medical Condition – In order to qualify for disability benefits in Arkansas, an applicant must prove that their medical condition is severe. This means that the medical condition limits the applicant’s ability to work and that the applicant’s condition will last for at least 12 months.
  3. Whether the Medical Condition is Listed – As mentioned, the SSA has a list of medical conditions that qualify for disability benefits in Arkansas. If your condition is listed or you have a medical condition that is equivalent to a listed condition, you may be eligible for benefits.
  4. Whether the Applicant Can Perform Their Previous Position – The next step is to determine whether the applicant can continue to work in their previous position. If the applicant’s kidney disease does not permit them to work in their previous position, the SSA will move on to the next step.
  5. Whether the Applicant Can Perform in a Different Position – The last step is determining whether the applicant can perform in another position. If they cannot, they will likely be eligible for benefits.

It is important to note that all the above requirements must be met to be approved for disability benefits. Our firm can help you get started on your disability benefits application.

Consult with Our Dedicated Arkansas Disability Attorney Your Kidney Failure Claim

If you or a family member developed kidney disease and need legal assistance to file for disability benefits, you should contact an experienced Arkansas disability benefits lawyer. Ken Kieklak possesses extensive experience helping Arkansas residents file for disability benefits for a variety of medical conditions. If you wish to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your disability claim with our Fayetteville, AR children’s disability attorney, contact Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at (479) 316-0438. You may also use our online submission form to schedule your consultation.