How to Complete SSA-3373 in Arkansas

Receiving Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is far easier said than done. There are numerous steps included in this lengthy process, including filling out specific forms.

You may be required to fill out form SSA-3373, otherwise called a Function Report. This form is designed to inform the SSA about how your disability affects your daily life. To complete the form, you must provide details about activities you can and cannot perform and information about medication and side effects. You may need to gather your medical records to provide accurate details about your condition. For some people, their disability prevents them from comprehending the form or filling it out on their own, and they might need another person to assist them. Our team of attorneys can help you complete the form and get you another step close to your much-needed benefits.

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What Is an SSA-3373 Form in Arkansas?

As mentioned earlier, when applying for SSDI in Arkansas, you must fill out form SSA-3373, also known as a Function Report. This form requires information about your disability and how it affects your daily life. The SSA will use the information you prove in the Function Report to assess your disability and whether you should receive SSDI benefits.

The SSA-3373 form is important because everyone is unique and may be affected differently by their disability or medical condition. For example, two people might have the same or similar disability, but both might be affected very differently. For some, the disability has a much larger impact, and their daily lives are disrupted to a greater degree.

A person’s living circumstances can also be taken into account in form SSA-3373. For example, a person living completely on their own while managing a disability may be affected differently than a disabled person living with a spouse who is also the primary income earner for the household.

Talk to our Bella Vista disability benefits lawyers about your SSDI application as soon as possible. Getting legal guidance on this process before you begin might help improve your chances of getting approved.

How to Complete Form SSA-3373 in Arkansas

To complete SSA-3373, you will need personal information and details about your disability and medical conditions. This form is unique in that you provide more than just facts about your situation. In addition to these facts, you can write about your own perspective on your case and how your disability affects your everyday life.

To start, you must provide personal information, including your name, Social Security number, contact information, and address. You must also provide information about the people you live with and your relationship with them.

Next, you can provide details about your illness, injury, or disability. Specifically, you will be asked how your condition prevents you from working. It is crucial that your explanations are detailed and thorough. If you are completely unable to work, you must say so in the form.

You will also be asked about your daily life and activities. Information about your daily routine and what you do each day from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night. You will also answer questions regarding your daily responsibilities, such as dependents in your care, including children, adult dependents, and pets. Be prepared for somewhat invasive questions, such as how you handle personal care, including grooming and bathing.

Remember, be as clear and thorough as possible. If your disability negatively impacts any aspect of your life, it must go into the form. While you should take the time to explain thoroughly, do not exaggerate or embellish. If the SSA suspects you are not truthful, your application may be quickly denied.

What Information Do I Need to Complete Form SSA-3373 in Arkansas?

Although form SSA-3373 requires a lot of information, you likely already have most of this information at your disposal. Any questions about your personal life can be answered by providing details about your lived experiences. For more specific questions about your disability or condition, you may need to consult your medical records. Our Arkansas disability benefits lawyers can help you complete this form before submitting it to ensure you provide all the necessary details.

When filling in details about your personal experiences, it is important to be truthful and concise. The SSA will use the information in this form to determine if you should be approved for SSDI benefits. Any details that help clarify your need for these benefits should be included. It is also important that your answers in SSA-3373 be written in an effective and compelling way. Our Bentonville disability benefits lawyers have experience with this form and many others in the SSDI process and can help you fill everything out.

Some questions will ask about specific information regarding your disability or condition. It might be necessary to consult your medical records to provide accurate details about your condition and any medications you take. It is important to include information about your medications and make sure you get drug names and other medical terminology correct.

What If I Have Trouble Filling Out Form SSA-3373 On My Own in Arkansas?

Do not feel bad if you have trouble filling our form SSA-3373. For many, their disability makes it difficult to understand the questions being asked. For others, their condition makes physically writing their answers very challenging. Our Farmington disability benefits attorneys can assist you in filling this form out, although it is important that all the answers are in your own words.

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