How to Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Harrison, AR

As we build your compensation claim, our lawyers will review all information and documentation related to your recent car accident, including the crash report from the police in Harrison.

You can get your police crash report for an accident in Harrison within a week or so of the collision. You can download your report online from or the Arkansas State Police online portal for crash reports. Victims may also go to the Harrison Police Department in person to get copies of incident reports. When we have the document, we can review it to gauge its accuracy and see if it contains new details that could benefit your case. Although police reports are not evidence in injury lawsuits, they can help us when preparing and building your claim.

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When Can You Get a Police Report After a Harrison, AR Car Accident?

In Harrison, you must call the police for any accident that causes death, injury, or more than $3,000 in property damage. Victims can also call the police for more minor accidents and still get a police report.

Victims must call 911 so that police officers can learn about an accident. You should not expect the negligent driver to do this but should instead take it upon yourself to alert law enforcement.

After officers process the scene and collect all necessary information, they will finalize their accident report. This can take several business days, so victims should not expect to get their reports immediately.

You should not wait too long before trying to obtain your report. If you do, we might not be able to amend inaccuracies in the report or otherwise use it to benefit your case. You can periodically call the Harrison Police Department to inquire about the status of your report or check online to see if it is ready. Once it is, you should get it right away and then give a copy to our lawyers so that we can review it.

Can You Get Car Accident Reports from the Police Online in Harrison, AR?

One of the easiest ways to retrieve your incident report from the Harrison Police Department is by going online. This option might be ideal for victims suffering from devastating car accident injuries.

The Harrison Police Department uploads completed accident reports to Victims should not use third-party websites not affiliated with the Harrison Police Department, as they could end up downloading inaccurate or incomplete reports.

When you get to the website, you will have to input the state of your accident, Arkansas, and the jurisdiction, the Harrison Police Department. You must then input the report number, your last name, and the accident date. If you do not know the report number, our Harrison, AR car accident lawyers can help you locate it so you can easily obtain the document online.

The Arkansas State Police also gathers accident reports from policing agencies throughout the state. Victims can download their reports online using this portal. You’ll need to provide similar information when requesting a report this way, such as your name, date of birth, driver’s license ID number, and the date of the incident. If you know the crash report number, you can use that information to get your report online from the Arkansas State Police.

Can You Get Car Accident Reports from the Police in Person in Harrison, AR?

Victims may also be able to get accident reports directly from the Harrison Police Department in person following motor vehicle crashes.

If you go to the Harrison Police Department and give staff your information and details about the accident, they should be able to locate your report. Online retrieval might be best if you cannot get the report in person because you are too injured.

Before you go to the police department to get the document, you can call ahead to make sure it is ready so that you do not waste a trip. Ask what information you will need to provide so that you’re ready to do so once you arrive at the Harrison Police Department. If your report is ready online, it should also be ready in person.

Putting Car Accident Reports to Use in Harrison, AR

Although victims cannot introduce accident reports as evidence in Arkansas injury claims, they can benefit from obtaining these reports in Harrison. Our lawyers can explain how we plan to use your report and why getting it is important.

We can start by reviewing the basic material in the document, like the negligent driver’s name and insurance details. If you were seriously injured from the accident, you might not have been able to speak to the other party directly at the scene, so you might not know or remember all of their information.

Police crash reports generally note possible contributing factors to a collision, like poor road conditions or bad weather. We can explore those contributing factors further to confirm whether they are accurate. This information could indicate how many parties share liability for your injuries, influencing who we ultimately bring a claim against in Harrison.

Despite not being evidence, accident reports can point our lawyers toward evidence. For example, the report will note the accident’s exact location. Our attorneys can then go to the accident scene to investigate the incident further. Upon doing this, we might notice traffic signs or nearby surveillance systems that could factor into your case. Furthermore, the accident report might jog your memory, so to speak, reminding you of certain details about the crash that you forgot because of the trauma you experienced.

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