How to Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Lowell, AR

When reeling from the aftermath of a car crash in Lowell, our lawyers can help you take the necessary steps to get the police report for the accident.

To get a police report for an auto accident, you can contact the Lowell Police Department via its website or by visiting it in person. You might also have to give certain details about the collision and your involvement in it to get the report. You should try to get this report as soon as possible after the incident so that we can check it for accuracy and any new information that could help your case. To ensure accuracy in the report, give officers a thorough account of the accident and your immediately apparent injuries.

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Who to Contact for a Car Accident Report in Lowell, AR

You will have to contact the police department that responded to your accident in order to get the corresponding police report. In all likelihood, that will be the Lowell Police Department.

You can submit a Freedom of Information Act Request for an accident report to the department’s website. When making this request, you might have to provide details about the collision, like its date and location. You could also visit the Lowell Police Department in person to locate and get your report. Victims may also be able to purchase crash reports from the Arkansas State Police for a $10 fee online. The Arkansas State Police maintains statewide accident report records and might respond to an accident on a highway in Lowell, like I-49 or Route 71.

When accident injuries are severe, victims might have difficulty completing requests for accident reports themselves. Fortunately, police departments typically release accident reports and similar documentation to victims’ legal representation, meaning we could help you get this report if you cannot do so alone.

When to Get the Police Report for a Lowell, AR Car Crash

Do not wait long to get the accident report for a recent collision in Lowell. The sooner we have it, the sooner we can begin ironing out some of the foundational aspects of your claim.

Law enforcement officers typically take several days to complete, process, and file accident reports. Our Lowell, AR car accident lawyers can contact the Lowell Police Department a few days after the accident to see if the report is available.

We will want the report soon after the crash so we can check it for accuracy. If police officers fail to include notable information in the report, like the fact that you were injured, we may need to amend it.

Furthermore, once we have the report, we can see if police officers included contact information for eyewitnesses. Victims can also try to get this information from eyewitnesses at the accident scene if their injuries allow them to do so. Contacting and interviewing eyewitnesses as soon as possible is vital, as you could risk their memories fading by waiting.

Getting an Accurate Police Report for a Car Accident in Lowell, AR

Though police reports are not admissible evidence in car accident lawsuits, their accuracy is still important to our attorneys when preparing a claim in Lowell. Because of this, victims should prioritize speaking to police officers after an auto accident.

The best way to ensure the resulting police report is accurate is to be honest and thorough with police officers. That is easier said than done, especially when victims sustain traumatic injuries from a crash. Suppose your injuries are too serious for you to remain at the accident scene. In that case, emergency medical professionals may take you to the hospital, and the police may contact you for additional information in the near future.

Tell police officers what you remember about the incident, especially regarding the other driver’s actions. While you should not discuss the accident with the other driver, you can note what they say to you or the police. Tell law enforcement about any immediate injuries to your person and any other notable information about the crash. Be careful not to accept fault in any capacity at this time, as misspeaking could lessen your recovery if Arkansas’ modified comparative fault rule is applied to your claim.

Do You Need to Get a Car Accident Report in Lowell, AR?

Regardless of whether you need an auto accident report for your lawsuit, you must report a crash to local law enforcement if it meets certain criteria in Lowell.

For example, according to Ark. Code. § 27-53-202, drivers must immediately call 911 to report accidents that result in death, injury, or at least $3,000 in property damage. If you were hurt in a car accident, did not report it to law enforcement, and then tried to file an injury claim against the negligent party, your failure to report could jeopardize your recovery.

Furthermore, despite their inadmissibility in lawsuits, police reports can provide our lawyers with crucial details about an accident. Victims do not always remember every little thing, especially when dealing with serious injuries and emotional distress. The police report can tell us more about the road and weather conditions during the crash and possible contributing factors.

If there is a report for the accident, the negligent party may also try to obtain it to see if it includes any information that could help their defense. This is another reason why getting car accident reports is so important. It can illuminate strengths in your case and help us identify possible weaknesses in your claim so that we can make a preemptive plan to address them.

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