How to Get a Police Report for an Accident in Bentonville, Arkansas? 

A Bentonville accident report is a valuable tool if you want to negotiate with an insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit after a vehicle crash. In addition to containing the details of the parties involved, witnesses, and injuries, a car accident report also includes the drafting police officer’s conclusions on how the accident happened and what driver was at fault. 

Obtaining an accident report requires requesting one online or visiting the Bentonville Police Department. In the following article, our Bentonville, AR car accident attorney will discuss how to order an accident report in more detail and review why obtaining a report is crucial. 

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Bentonville Accident Reports

All accident reports should be available to the public. Therefore, under Arkansas law, anyone is entitled to request a copy. However, there are restrictions on the information that is available, such as the personal information of drivers involved. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a crash, accident reports could be requested by the drivers involved, insurance adjusters, or attorneys working on behalf of any party involved in the accident. 

In Bentonville, the Records Division of the Bentonville Police Department is responsible for processing incident and accident reports in addition to maintaining data on traffic and criminal offenses. The Records Division, which is civilian supported, handles a large number of requests for accident reports. 

To obtain a copy of a police report, you could go directly to the Bentonville Police Department or order a report online. If you want to request an accident report online, you need to know the report number, the date of the crash, and the name of one person involved in the accident. The report number is available at the time of the accident. If you failed to request the report number from the police officer at the scene, you probably have to request a copy through the Bentonville Police Department. The cost for an accident report is currently $10 online and $5 in person. 

Information Related to Bentonville Accident Reports

If you request an accident report in Bentonville, you will be asked to review the information in the report request packet. The request packet includes information regarding the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). Under this law, the circumstances when a person’s information, such as driver’s license number, Social Security number, medical information, and address, are restricted. 

Under Arkansas law, there are 14 situations in which an individual’s personal information could be disclosed. These circumstances include use by government agencies and courts in carrying out their functions, matters related to safety, and research and statistical studies. 

However, the DPPA does permit government officials to disclose any non-personal information to third parties that submit a request. For example, the location of the accident and the types of vehicles involved are not restricted by the DPPA. 

While any member of the general public is allowed to request an accident report, the personal information will be redacted in cases that do not meet one of the 14 circumstances outlined in Arkansas law. When you receive your accident report, you should carefully review it with our experienced Arkansas car accident lawyers. 

Driver Records in Bentonville, Arkansas

Accident reports are not the only record available to residents of Bentonville. People can also obtain copies of their driver records. Under Arkansas law, records that relate to a driver’s license are confidential. They are only permitted to be released under certain circumstances. 

You are permitted to submit a release form so your confidential records could be sent to a third party. These records could be helpful to our Bentonville car accident attorneys when negotiating with an insurance company or preparing a personal injury lawsuit. 

Correcting Errors on Your Accident Report

Once you receive your accident report, you should review it with our Bentonville car accident attorneys. In some cases, the drafting police officer might have made mistakes that should be corrected. However, it is critical to remember that just be because you disagree with information contained in a report does not make it incorrect. 

If factual information is inaccurate, such as the location of the accident, the make of your vehicle, or your name, then it should not be difficult to amend. You will have to provide proof that the information is incorrect. However, if you disagree with the officer’s conclusion of fault or believe that the other driver’s statement is wrong, you will likely not be able to change the report. That does not mean that you should not address these issues with our Bentonville personal injury attorney or the police. In some situations, you might be able to have a supplement attached with your additional statement. 

While the information contained in the accident report is typically not admissible as evidence in a Bentonville court, it is still valuable in preparing your case and planning a legal strategy. 

To Review Your Accident Report, Contact Our Bentonville, AR Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are injured in a car crash in Bentonville, you could be entitled to compensation. One of the first steps to take towards receiving the compensation you deserve is obtaining an accident report. Our Bentonville, Arkansas accident attorneys will gain valuable information and facts from the report. Additionally, you need to review the report with your attorney, bringing any inaccuracies or questions to their attention. To find out how to obtain your accident report and discuss what to look for, contact Ken Keiklak, Attorney at Law, at (479) 316-0438.