Is Surgery Recovery Covered by Disability in Arkansas?

Going through surgery can be frightening, and the last thing anyone wants to worry about is going back to work. Unfortunately, some people cannot return to work until they recover from surgery, which might be a long time.

Modern medicine has come a long way. Many surgeries that were once highly invasive are now simple procedures with short recovery periods. However, many other surgeries are still very complicated, and patients often spend weeks or even months recuperating before returning to work. Many patients cannot afford to take so much time away from work and need financial help. The time it takes to recover from surgery might be covered by disability benefits, depending on your situation. Disability for surgery recovery is often short-term, but complications might lead to long-term benefits. You can file for disability for surgery recovery through private insurance, although benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) might also be possible.

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Claiming Disability Benefits for the Time it Takes to Recover From Surgery in Arkansas

We often do not think of ourselves as disabled after going through surgery. However, for purposes of claiming insurance or other benefits, you can be considered disabled if you cannot return to work for a certain period of time. Not all disabilities are permanent, and you might qualify for benefits if you meet the right criteria.

For the most part, to be eligible for disability benefits, your recovery time after surgery should be fairly significant. A few days out of the office that might otherwise be covered by sick days likely do not qualify for disability benefits or insurance. You might be able to get benefits for surgery recovery if you cannot work for several weeks or more. You should speak with our Bella Vista disability benefits lawyers, as each case is unique, and your outcome depends on how you file your claim.

How Long Do Disability Benefits for Surgery Recovery Last in Arkansas?

Generally, disability claims and benefits are categorized as short-term or long-term. Short-term benefits tend to cover accidents and injuries that prevent people from working for relatively brief periods of time. Long-term disabilities tend to last much longer and are more associated with permanent or indefinite disabilities.

Long-term disability benefits tend to apply to people who are so injured or disabled that they cannot return to work for a long time, often indefinitely. According to the SSA, social security disability insurance (SSDI) defines a disability as lasting for at least a year. As such, short-term disability benefits are typically not available through SSDI.

Although long-term disability benefits, including those through SSDI, do not often cover surgery recovery, this is not always so. If you encounter complications during surgery or recovery, your recovery period might be much longer. Alternatively, some patients are not expected to fully recover after surgery, and they might be left with permanent injuries preventing them from ever returning to work.

Most people seeking disability benefits for surgery recovery will likely file for short-term disability benefits. Short-term disabilities are injuries or conditions that prevent people from returning to work, but only for a limited time. For example, recovering from surgery might be considered a short-term disability if the employee cannot return to work for several weeks or months. Still, they expect to eventually recover and be able to work again.

As mentioned before, medical conditions, recovery time, and prognoses can be unpredictable. What you initially believed was a short-term disability might turn into a long-term disability. Our Bentonville disability benefits lawyers can help you determine the most appropriate path to getting disability benefits for surgery recovery.

How to File for Disability-Related to Surgery Recovery in Arkansas

SSDI benefits are administered through the SSA and are federally regulated. SSDI generally allows injured workers to collect benefits if they have a long-term disability expected to last for at least 1 year. SSDI also requires that your disability prevent you from working in any job, not just the job you had before you were hurt.

Surgery recovery is typically not covered under SSDI because most patients do not expect to spend at least a year recovering from surgery. However, you might qualify if part of your surgery involves a permanent disability. For example, if you are injured and have both arms surgically amputated, you will still have a permanent disability even after you recover from surgery.

Private insurance might cover short-term disabilities and is often provided by employers or purchased by individual employees. Since this is not a form of public assistance, the criteria you must meet may vary based on your specific insurance policy. Our Farmington disability benefits attorneys can help you talk to your employer about filing for short-term disability benefits. If your employer does not carry the proper insurance, we can help you find coverage.

What Do I Do if My Disability for Surgery Recovery Ends But I Still Cannot Work in Arkansas?

One of the most significant problems faced by injured people collecting short-term disability is the termination of benefits before they are ready. Your insurance may cease paying your disability benefits because the time limit for benefits has expired. While some people can return to work at this time, others are not.

If your short-term disability for surgery recovery ends a bit too soon, our Harris disability benefits attorneys can help you explore other options for assistance. If your disability persists, it might be a good idea to file for SSDI. If you only need a bit more time before you are fully recovered, we can try to work out an extension with your insurance company if possible. Still, there might be others forms of benefits, insurance, or public assistance you might be eligible for, depending on your circumstances.

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