Tips for Driving Safely This Fall

As the summer draws to a close, it is time to enjoy a break from the summer heat, order something pumpkin spiced flavored and start unpacking some warmer clothing. Fall is many people’s favorite season because of the cooler weather and the changing leaves, however, the changing season can lead to some new hazards on the road. The blog post will explore some of the hazards on the road during the fall season, and explore how you can avoid them and keep you and your family safe.

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Autumn Driving Hazards

Be aware of the weather – The weather in the fall can present a potential problem for many motorists. In the mornings it can be chilly and cold and then heat up by the afternoon. Because of the changes in weather, there can also be storms that come along with the changes. When there is a sudden storm it is important to slow down even if you feel you are in control of your car you have to remember that there are others on the road who may not be as comfortable as you are. In addition, make sure that you turn on your headlights so that you can see cars in front of you as well as oncoming traffic can see you as well.  It is also important to leave enough space between you and the car in front of you in the event that you need to stop abruptly. Additionally, because the temperatures in the fall can still reach summer like temperatures you should be cautious if your car begins to overheat.

Bicyclists and motorcyclists – Those bike riders and motorcycle riders who choose to stay inside during the oppressive summer heat may choose to take advantage of the cooler temperatures that come along with the fall and get out on the road. Always be aware of bicycle riders and motorcycle drivers when you are on the road. Because of their smaller size and low profile, it can be more difficult to see these motorists and lead to an accident.

Teen drivers – At the end of the summer children and teens alike begin to head back to school. This means that in the morning you will likely be sharing the road with less experienced drivers who are on their way to school. Statistics have routinely demonstrated that ten drivers are more prone to accidents, particularly when they are new drivers. Stay alert when you are on the road and be prepared to drive defensively.

Watch for pedestrians – When school is back in session it does not only mean that there will be more drivers on the road in the morning, but there will also likely be more children and parents walking to and from school. Drivers should always be cautious when there are children around, as there are well-documented cases of children running out into the street without looking. However, drivers can avoid these tragic accidents by driving more cautiously around school zones and near crosswalks

Bus accidents – Again tied to school time, there will be more of those iconic yellow buses on the roads as they pick and drop kids off on their way to and from school. Buses can pose a problem because they often stop abruptly to pick up children. In addition, buses have a much larger blind spot than a standard car or SUV which can lead to accidents.

Construction – Some companies will try and wait until the brutal summer months are over before they will start a construction project. If you see a construction site you should slow down to avoid any potential accidents with equipment or even other drivers. In addition, by slowing down you can decrease the chance that you will get a ticket, which are often elevated in construction zones.

Pay attention to the road – This piece of advice goes for every season, and every time you are behind the wheel. Fall can be a beautiful time to go for a drive and to admire the changing leaves. However, if you are the driver it is always important to keep your eyes on the road. While the leaves may be pretty to look at they are not worth being involved in an accident.

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