What Are Private Disability Claims in Arkansas?

When people inquire about disability benefits, they often think of public assistance programs like Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and similar programs. However, private disability claims through your own insurance are another possibility.

A private disability claim is filed through your own or employer’s insurance. The state or federal governments do not handle private disability claims. The difference between a private disability claim and a public one depends on your situation. In some cases, the coverage, duration, and eligibility criteria might be different. This mostly depends on the terms of your insurance policy. An attorney can help you figure out how to file your claim, although most claims start by contacting your insurance company or employer if you are insured through your job. Private insurance is not always available, and we recommend exploring your options with SSDI. If you do not have private disability insurance, our team can help you file for SSDI benefits.

Private disability insurance can be very helpful when people encounter unexpected injuries and accidents. Our Arkansas disability attorneys can assist you in filing an SSDI claim if private insurance is unavailable. Call us at (479) 316-0438 for a free case assessment.

Private Disability Claims in Arkansas

Private disability claims are filed through private insurance companies, not the government. When people think of disability claims, they likely think of Social Security, SSDI, and other forms of public assistance. While these are all possible legal options for people with disabilities, they are not the only ones. If you have private disability insurance, you can file a claim with your insurance company instead of the Social Security Administration (SSA) or another government agency.

Many people get private disability insurance through their employer. Employers might offer a wide variety of insurance policies and options, and some people have access to private disability insurance without realizing it. It is also important to note that disability insurance through your employer is governed by the Employer Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This body of federal laws governs how insurance companies assess, grant, and deny insurance claims.

In Arkansas, employers are not required to offer disability insurance, and many people decide to purchase it on their own. In that case, your employer is removed from the equation, and your claim is handled between you and the private insurance company. Unfortunately, private disability insurance can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy it independently. Our legal team can help you file an SSDI claim to get the money you need.

Private insurance claims are not always available, and SSDI claims are a great option for people in need. Our Greenland disability lawyers can help you get your SSDI claim started after reviewing your case.

Is a Private Disability Claim Better Than SSDI in Arkansas?

One type of claim is not necessarily better than the other, but different claims might suit people’s needs differently. While private insurance is helpful for those who get it through work or can afford to buy it, SSDI is an equally great option for those without access to private insurance. You should speak with our Johnson disability lawyers about your case, and we can help you file an SSDI claim.

ERISA governs private disability claims through employer-provided insurance. ERISA does not rule private insurance purchased on your own. ERISA controls almost every aspect of a private disability claim, including determining what is and is not covered, how claims are filed, the amount of coverage, and an appeals process.

ERISA does not govern SSDI, and the eligibility criteria tend to be the same or similar for most applicants everywhere. As such, filing for SSDI can be slightly less complex, and our Arkansas disability attorneys can help you begin a claim.

The level of coverage in a private disability claim might also be different, depending on the terms of your policy. Your private insurance might provide for greater coverage or cover a wider variety of expenses. Even if you do not have access to private insurance, SSDI should still be available if you meet eligibility criteria.

Private insurance companies can set their own eligibility criteria and might be more flexible on what is considered a disability or how long a disability must persist. Some insurance companies require that your disability prevent you from working any job, while others only require your current job to be affected.

This is sometimes problematic, as private insurance companies might make eligibility criteria difficult to fulfill, thus avoiding more payouts. It is wise to explore SSDI benefits with our legal team to determine if SSDI better fits your needs.

How to File a Private Disability Claim in Arkansas

Filing a private disability claim will depend on how you obtained disability insurance. As said before, private insurance provided through an employer is governed almost entirely by ERISA. If you do not have private disability insurance, our Springdale disability attorneys can help you file an SSDI claim.

If you buy your own disability insurance, the filing process might be different than filing through employer insurance. Different insurance companies and policies might have different procedures for filing a claim. You likely will not have to worry about ERISA, but the process might be complex, long, and frustrating. An attorney can help you review your policy and determine what rules you must follow to file a private disability claim.

How to Get Private Disability Insurance in Arkansas

If you do not have private disability insurance but want to enroll, you should speak to a lawyer about what steps to take. Numerous insurance companies may offer various policies, and it can be overwhelming to try and make an informed decision. Our Sebastian County disability attorneys can help you file for SSDI benefits if you do not have private disability insurance.

If private insurance companies refuse to accommodate you because of a pre-existing condition, public assistance like SSDI might be a better option.

Call Our Arkansas Disability Attorneys for Help

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