Can You Still Get Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas if You Work in Another State?

Employers in Arkansas are required by law to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for injured employees. Both employees and employers are sometimes confused about whether an injured worker is covered if they work in another state.

Working in a different state while your employer is based in Arkansas is not unusual in our increasingly globalized world. Unfortunately, our insurance system and Workers’ Compensation laws are slow to catch up. If you work for an Arkansas-based employer, but your work has you traveling or working in a different state, you may or may not be covered by Workers’ Compensation. Coverage may depend on what kind of insurance your employer carries and the nature of your work. Some insurance policies cover workers no matter where they live, while others do not. Moving to another state while in the middle of an Arkansas Workers’ Compensation claim may also present challenges.

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Arkansas Workers’ Compensation for Out-of-State Residents

If you live in another state but worked in Arkansas before your injuries, you may still receive Arkansas Workers’ Compensation benefits. Workers’ Compensation is based on where your employer is located and what kind of insurance they have, not where you live. This is important for many injured workers since living in one state but working in another is fairly common.

Living in a state where your employer is not based is becoming more common. Many employers are so large that they span several states, although they might legally be based in Arkansas. In such cases, you might not be eligible for Arkansas Workers’ Compensation, but your employer might carry Workers’ Compensation insurance in the particular state where you are based. For example, a large company might have offices in three states and be based in Arkansas. The company might have to have insurance for each state they operate in, depending on how many employees they have and various other conditions.

The Workers’ Compensation process can be very complex, and your immediate supervisor might not know how to help you file a claim if you do not live in Arkansas. Our Bella Vista Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you figure out what steps to take to get Workers’ Compensation benefits while you recover from your injuries.

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation for People Who Work in Another State

If your employer is based in Arkansas, but your specific job is in another state, you might be eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas. Workers’ Compensation is an insurance system in which employers carry the requisite insurance, and injured employees can file claims. There is no single insurance policy for Workers’ Compensation, and whether or not you are covered may depend on what kind of insurance policy your employer carries.

Most Arkansas-based employers carry insurance that covers employees in Arkansas. However, different policies might be required if some employees work outside Arkansas. For example, many employees must travel for work or perform their duties remotely from other states. In such cases, multi-state policies might be required if all employees are to be covered.

If your employer does not carry the necessary insurance to cover your Workers’ Compensation claim, they might be in violation of the law, and our Benton County Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you file a lawsuit or pursue other legal options.

Moving to Another State While Filing an Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Claim

Generally, if you live and work in Arkansas when you are injured on the job, you should still be covered by Arkansas Workers’ Compensation if you relocate to another state. However, your move might create complications that could hold up your benefits. Our Arkansas Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you get your claim squared away before your big move.

If you have already been approved for Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas, you should be okay to move to another state. You do not have to remain in Arkansas to continue receiving benefits. However, if you have not yet been approved and are still in the process of submitting your claim, the insurance company might be delayed in approving you for compensation.

To avoid delays, you should communicate with the insurance company and your attorney about what is going on. If your personal information, like your address, changes after you submit your claim, you need to inform the insurance company immediately. When they go to approve your claim and discover your address is invalid, they might put a hold on your application until the issue is resolved. Our Crawford County Workers’ Compensation lawyers can make sure that the insurance company is informed of any updates to your address and state of residence.

What If I Am Not Covered by Arkansas Workers’ Compensation in Another State?

Working in a different state from your employer may present certain complications when you file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Arkansas. Your employer might not have the necessary Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover your injuries. In that case, our Arkansas Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you sue your employer for your damages.

The law is very clear on who is responsible for maintaining Workers’ Compensation insurance. Employers with 3 or more employees are legally required to carry this insurance. However, the law becomes less clear regarding employees working in a different state from their employer. Suing your employer might be the best way to get your damages covered. We can include medical bills, lost income, and any other expenses related to your accident in your damages calculations.

It might also be possible to sue the insurance company. Perhaps your case should be covered by their insurance policy, but confusion over your employment status caused them to unjustly deny your claim. Our Farmington Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you prove your claims should be covered to get the benefits you need now.

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