Attorney for Car Accident Case Referrals in Arkansas

Attorney for Car Accident Case Referrals in Arkansas

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    If your firm focuses on trusts and estates, bankruptcy, or other transactional practices of law, your attorneys and staff could lack the skill, experience, and resources to handle a complicated car accident case. While some accident cases are straightforward affairs, many present many legal and logistical hurdles. Getting your client the compensation they deserve could require everything from dealing with an uncooperative insurance company to reconstructing an accident to determine what occurred.

    If a potential client walks into your office after a car crash, contact our attorney for car accident case referrals in Arkansas to discuss how our firm can help. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has over twenty years of handling complex car accident cases and litigation. Call (479) 316-0438 to discuss entering into a referral agreement.

    Car Accident Cases in Arkansas Require a Skilled and Experienced Attorney

    As any lawyer will attest, each particular practice has its share of complexities and nuances. The same can be said about personal injury claims arising from car accidents. The amount of compensation an injured victim could obtain is based on the severity of their injuries, whether they were at fault, the available evidence, and their attorney’s skill. By referring your client’s case to our experienced Arkansas car accident attorney, you are placing their interests into the hands of a dedicated professional.

    Evaluating Your Client’s Damages

    Every personal injury case, including one arising from a car accident, has a value. While it is impossible to give an exact figure, an experienced attorney should be able to calculate a good faith estimate regarding potential damages. While some financial losses, such as medical bills and lost income, are evidenced by receipts and paystubs. However, others require more creative forms of proof.

    Before agreeing to an insurance settlement or seeking compensation through a civil lawsuit, it is crucial to determine if your client will not require additional medical treatment. Often, an expert opinion from a medical professional is necessary to understand the extent of a victim’s injuries.

    While car accident victims should be compensated for the wages they lost, they should also be compensated if their future earning capacity is limited because of their injury. This calculation will require the assistance of a financial expert or vocational specialist. Before making a decision whether to agree to an insurance settlement, proposing a counter-offer, or taking a case to trial, an injured accident victim needs to know their claim’s true value. If your firm lacks the experience or resources to evaluate your client’s claim, our office is available to provide our expertise and familiarity with car accident cases to calculate their potential damages.

    Assessing the Legal Strength of Your Client’s Case

    Every lawyer who has prepared a case for trial understands that every one is unique. A vital part of the preliminary process is assessing the legal strength of the case. If the available evidence fails to substantiate your client’s position, then working with an insurance company could be in their best interest. Through decades of handling challenging car accident cases, our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of how compelling the available evidence is. This comes from a combination of trial experience and knowing how an insurance company is likely to proceed.

    Types of Automotive Cases Our Arkansas Car Accident Attorney Handles

    Automotive accident cases often involve more than just cars and each type of accident offers its own set of challenges. A personal injury claim involving someone riding a motorcycle will require a different approach than if the accident involved a large commercial truck. Our Arkansas car accident attorneys have negotiated and litigated on behalf of injured victims of many types of accidents, including car, motorcycle, truck, and even hurt pedestrians.

    Each type of case will require a different legal strategy based on the circumstances surrounding the accident. For example, if your client was injured while riding a motorcycle, our attorneys will have to overcome a general prejudice that motorcyclists are typically reckless. The type and cause of the accident will also determine what potential parties should be held liable. While an at-fault driver is an obvious defendant, there might be multiple parties that contributed to an accident. By referring your client to a knowledgeable Arkansas car accident attorney, you will ensure that all potentially liable parties will be thoroughly investigated and included in the claim.

    Our Arkansas Car Accident Attorney Has the Resources Your Client’s Case Requires

    A successful personal injury case arising from a car accident requires a skilled team. Our firm has the resources necessary to gather evidence and build a compelling case against a defendant. For instance, it is often difficult to determine how an accident occurred. It is not uncommon for witnesses’ testimony to be inconsistent or contradictory. However, an expert accident investigator could examine the crash site and damaged vehicle to establish what likely occurred.

    Additionally, structural and mechanical engineers could be used to hold a municipality or car manufacturer partially liable for your client’s injuries. Many car accident cases might appear simple at first. However, to maximize your client’s possible award, referring their matter to an attorney who will turn over every proverbial stone will benefit all parties involved.

    Contact Our Attorney for Car Accident Case Referrals in Arkansas to Review Your Client’s Case

    Reputation takes years to build and moments to ruin. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has spent decades building his reputation as a committed, professional, and trustworthy advocate for car accident victims in Arkansas. If you have a client with a challenging car accident case, referring them to a skilled personal injury attorney will not only benefit your client, it will improve your firm’s reputation. Call our attorney for car accident case referrals in Arkansas at (479) 316-0438 to discuss our referral agreements.