Arkansas Attorney for Partial Finger Amputations at Work

Arkansas Attorney for Partial Finger Amputations at Work

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    There are many ways that workers can suffer partial finger amputations. For instance, you may have your finger partially amputated because of a sharp cut, a tearing force, or a crush injury. These injuries can produce high degrees of pain and may require expensive medical treatment.

    Fortunately, if you suffer a partial finger amputation at work in Arkansas, then you may be able to obtain payment by filing for Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, the process for obtaining such benefits can be complex. Our legal team can help recover the benefits you deserve.

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    Treatment for Partial Finger Amputations in Arkansas

    A partial finger amputation describes an injury where some of the structures in your finger remain intact. This differs from complete amputations where entire fingertips are removed. Partial amputations can be highly painful and debilitating. Without prompt treatment, victims can suffer problems with hand functions as well as permanent disabilities and deformities. Treatment for partial finger amputations can differ depending on the severity of the amputation at issue. Generally, these injuries are lumped into the following two categories:

    Injuries that Do Not Expose Bone

    Some partial finger amputations involving minor tissue injuries that are not deep enough to expose victims’ bones. These injuries may be able to heal on their own. However, in many instances, minor tissue injuries will require protective dressing, splints, daily applications of cleaning solutions. These types of injuries typically heal within 2 to 4 weeks. Still, during their recoveries, victims can experience excruciating pain, stiffness, and hypersensitivity.

    Some partial amputations that do not expose bone still involve larger tissue injuries. If your fingertip was partially amputated and there is significant tissue damage, there may not be enough skin left to heal and cover the affected area on its own. In that case, a skin grafting procedure may be necessary. During a skin grafting procedure, a piece of skin from another part of your body will be used to cover your injury. This type of procedure can be highly expensive and painful. Thankfully, you may recover payment for the cost of your skin grafting procedure with help from our attorneys for partial finger amputations at work.

    Furthermore, some larger tissue injuries that do not expose bone may be treated with reconstructive flap surgeries. A skin graft is thin and does not provide its own blood supply. Accordingly, in serious cases, doctors may treat victims by covering their wounds with full-thickness flaps of skin that include fat and underlying blood vessels.

    Injuries that Do Expose Bone

    Partial finger amputations that do expose bone can involve more complex treatments. In some instances, reconstructive flap surgery can also be used to care for injuries involving exposed bone. However, for others, replantation may be necessary. Replantation involves reattaching an amputated part of your finger.

    Replantation is a very complicated type of operation during which blood vessels are mended to allow inflow and outflow to the affected area. Those who undergo replantation operations may need extended amounts of recovery time. However, in certain cases, replantation may not be appropriate or even possible. It is important to discuss the potential risks and benefits of such an operation with your physician.

    Types of Benefits Available in an Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Partial Finger Amputation at Work

    Employers in Arkansas are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage for their employees. This coverage provides employees with important financial compensation after suffering injuries on the job. The type and amount of benefits awarded can vary from claimant to claimant. During a free evaluation of your case, our team will explain which of the following benefits may be sought:

    Medical Bills

    First, you may obtain payment for medical bills related to your partial finger amputation at work. Any medical expenses you incur may be compensated. For instance, benefits may be awarded to reimburse you for ambulance rides, hospital costs, lab tests, prescription medication, surgical operations, and post-operative care.

    You will not have to pay any sort of deductible. All medical expenses you incur should be paid to the provider by your employer’s insurance carrier.

    Rehabilitative Services

    For some partial finger amputations, victims will require rehabilitative services. These rehabilitative services may include occupational or physical therapy. Furthermore, in cases where victims are permanently restricted from working in the future, vocational rehabilitation may be necessary. Thankfully, the cost of these rehabilitative services will also be covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits.

    Disability Payments

    Finally, if you are unable to work because of your partial finger amputation, then you may receive disability payments. You can receive temporary disability payments while you are healing and restricted from working. Additionally, if your injury permanently prevents you from working in the future, then you can receive permanent disability payments. Calculations for disability payments will be determined using a portion of your average weekly wage.

    What to Do After Suffering a Partial Finger Amputation at Work in Arkansas

    After suffering a partial finger amputation at work, your first concern should be seeking medical treatment. If the injury is severe, you may need to call 911 so that an ambulance can visit the scene and take you to the hospital. If you do not require immediate care, you should still see a doctor as soon as you can. You will need to obtain official documentation of your injury in order to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits.

    Also, you should notify your employer of your partial finger amputation as soon as possible. After notifying your boss of your injury, they should initiate the process for filing your Workers’ Compensation claim. If your employer is uninsured, then you may be able to recover payment by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

    Finally, you should contact our law firm as quickly as you can. Our team can help ensure you recover the full range of benefits available to you.

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