How to File an Auto Accident Claim Against a Road Construction Company in Arkansas

Not all car accidents on the highway involve other vehicles. In some cases, collisions are caused by dangerous construction zones along the road. If the construction company did not take proper precautions to keep the road safe, they can be held liable for the accident.

Road construction accidents can happen anywhere there is road construction and safety protocols are not followed. Loose construction equipment (e.g., tools, nails, barricades) may puncture tires or cause drivers to run off the road. If you are involved in an auto accident because of a construction company’s negligence, you can sue them or others. The construction company may be liable in addition to the city or private organization that hired them. You might also have the option to file an insurance claim against the construction company’s liability insurance.

Construction zones, especially those along roads and highways, can be incredibly dangerous for drivers. For a free review of your case, call our Arkansas personal injury attorneys at (479) 316-0438.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Road Construction Company in Arkansas After an Accident

After a road construction accident, our Arkansas car accident attorneys can help you file a lawsuit against the people responsible for your accident. Unfortunately, determining who should be held liable is not always easy, and multiple parties might be potentially liable.

The construction company might be liable for causing the accident if they had a legal obligation to keep the road safe for vehicles passing by. In many cases, they must obey state laws and local ordinances regarding how road construction must happen and the safety protocols that must be followed. A violation of the rules and protocols may leave them open to liability. Whether the road construction company is liable depends on how they set up the construction zone and what kind of safety precautions were put in place.

Taking pictures or recording videos of the surrounding area immediately after a crash is a good way to prove how dangerous the road conditions were. Our Bella Vista car accident lawyers can over what evidence you need to prove your claims.

You might also be able to sue the entity that hired the construction company to perform the work on the road, i.e., the local city or town that maintains the road. Roads are public spaces maintained by towns, cities, counties, or even the state. Our Arkansas car accident attorneys can help you figure out which municipality is in charge of the road where you were injured. When suing a municipality, there may be other hurdles and requirements we must overcome to file the lawsuit.

Insurance Claims for Auto Accidents Involving Road Construction in Arkansas

You can also file an insurance claim after a road construction accident. The problem is that many road construction accidents do not involve two vehicles in a crash. Instead, they often involve one vehicle in a crash because of unsafe road conditions due to the construction. Many injured drivers are unsure how to file insurance claims when there are no other cars or drivers to file claims against. Our Arkansas car accident lawyers have experience with various car accident insurance claims and can help you begin your claims process.

Arkansas is a fault-based insurance state, meaning you must file third-party claims against other drivers’ insurance to get settlements and compensation. In a road construction accident, there might be no other drivers. Instead, you may be able to file a claim with your own insurance. However, you might also be able to reach a settlement with the road construction company.

The construction company involved in your accident very likely carries their own insurance in case of accidents. In fact, they are legally required to do so. Our Fort Smith car accident lawyers can help you file your claim with the right insurance provider and hopefully reach a settlement. The construction company should have some form of liability insurance that we may use to cover your damages.

Common Examples of Road Construction Accidents Happen in Arkansas?

Accidents in road construction zones are a bit different than typical accidents. These accidents do not necessarily involve more than one vehicle, and the risks tend to be much higher. After a road construction accident, you should speak to our Arkansas car accident attorneys for help right away.

Loose tools and equipment can lead to vehicle damage along the highway. For example, if construction workers in a road construction zone leave tools or sharp objects like nails lying around, cars might get damaged and be stranded on the road. A vehicle might end up with punctured tires and need to be towed. They might also try to swerve to avoid these hazards and run off the road or into other vehicles.

Workers in construction zones should put up barriers to prevent drivers from entering parts of the road that are too dangerous or off limits. If these barriers are not erected, drivers might get confused and drive straight into a dangerous construction zone. Accidents with construction equipment or even workers may happen as a result.

Similarly, there must be signage warning drivers of the construction zone. Signs are often posted at the construction zone and farther up and down the road, so drivers are aware of the construction zone before they get there. If these signs are not there, drivers have no idea what lies ahead and might get into an accident.

Construction along roads often causes serious damage to the road and highway. Road damage may include things like potholes or uneven road surfaces. These damaged areas are meant to be cleaned up before the construction crew finishes their work, but they pose a risk to drivers in the meantime. When drivers hit these damaged areas, they might crash their cars or hit other cars to avoid the hazards.

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