Bella Vista, AR Car Accident Lawyer

Bella Vista, AR Car Accident Lawyer

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    Cars, vans, minivans, pickup trucks, and other passenger vehicles are an essential part of most people’s day-to-day lives in Arkansas. Those who do not have access to a vehicle face reduced employment prospects and greater difficulty in accomplishing their daily tasks and goals. For many in northwest Arkansas and Bella Vista, a car is an absolute necessity and makes getting to work, the supermarket, or school possible.

    However, despite the immense utility provided by a passenger vehicle, there are dangers. Perhaps the greatest one is that vehicles travel at high speeds while sharing the road with other drivers. Other drivers may act negligently or recklessly and cause an accident involving two, three, or more vehicles. While there have been major improvements in safety systems and vehicle design, the high speeds and massive vehicles involved often lead to life-altering injuries or wrongful death.

    Why Do Vehicle Collisions Occur?

    Each and every collision involving one, two, or three or more vehicles is the unique product of factors that came together in such a way that a collision became inevitable. While each and every accident should be analyzed independently and on its own terms, a number of factors commonly involved in accidents include:

    • Distracted driver – Despite hysterical media reports that might lead one to think otherwise, distracted drivers have always been a problem. Whether it’s bickering children in the backseat or an electronic device buzzing in the lap of the driver, a distracted driver cannot perceive risks and hazards or act appropriately to avoid the situation. Drivers should take steps to ensure that their focus and attention remains on the road while driving.
    • Poor weather conditions – Heavy rain, snow, sleet, and hail – to name a few – can all have adverse effects on driving safety. Bad weather increases a vehicle’s stopping distance and makes it more difficult to see problems before a collision is inevitable. If weather conditions make continued travel unsafe, drivers should pull over until the storm abates.
    • Failure to follow traffic laws – Drivers that do not respect the rules of the road are an enigma to other drivers. Drivers may lose sight of other potential threats while closely watching a single erratic driver or be unable to avoid unexpected and unanticipated actions or inaction by the driver.
    • Use of drugs or alcohol – Aside from being illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC in excess of the legal limit or while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs, it is extremely dangerous to the driver and other motorists. Alcohol and drugs effect perception, decision-making, and one’s ability to react to potential threats.

    The foregoing only represents some of the more commonly occurring reasons for car accidents in Arkansas. Accidents can occur for nearly any reason.

    What Types of Injuries Are Common After an Accident?

    The types and severity of injuries that are produced by a car accident are dependent upon the type of accident, speeds involved, vehicle types, the point of impact, personal characteristics, and many other factors. The exact injuries that will occur are nearly impossible to predict, but common injuries are not limited to:

    • Traumatic brain injuries – TBIs are particularly concerning injuries because of the extremely wide ranging effects such injuries can have. Brain injuries can cause changes in personality, difficulty regulating one’s mood, and orienting oneself to time and place. A brain injury can also have other cognitive effects such as causing difficulties with abstract concepts or an impaired ability to process and retain information. Others may have issues with fine or gross motor skills.
    • Broken bones – Broken or fractured bones are serious injuries. However even among these serious injuries, complex and compound fractures are particularly serious and severe. These injuries can take months or years to recover from. In some cases, effects from the injury will persist for years or even permanently.
    • Whiplash – Whiplash injuries are probably the most commonly reported complaint following an accident or collision. Whiplash is caused by the shearing of connective tissue and muscles due to the uneven impact of an accident’s violent forces.

    The above are only a few of the potential types of injuries that can occur. Burns, cuts, bruises, scrapes, and a whole range of internal injuries can occur due to a car accident.

    Rely on Bella Vista Car Accident Lawyer Ken Kieklak

    While we hope that you will never have to deal with the fear of an imminent accident or the injuries and general aftermath of an accident, many people will unfortunately have to face these inconvenient possibilities of driving. However if you do have to face these facts due to a reckless or negligent driver, Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law can fight for you. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, call (479) 316-0438 or contact us online.