Bella Vista, AR Workplace Injury Attorney

Bella Vista, AR Workplace Injury Attorney

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    Workers who are injured while they are at work often find themselves facing significant medical bills. Unfortunately, when accidents and injuries happen workers find themselves facing a system that seems to be very much against them, and may find that working with their employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier leaves them more confused and even guilty for their own accident.

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    The Most Common Workplace Accidents

    On the job violent acts – It may be surprising to some workers to learn that there are many injuries, which can be attributed to injuries from co-workers. Companies and employers should try to limit these dangerous situations by providing violence training for all their employees and to create communication channels so that workers who need to report suspicious activity may be able to do so.

    Repetitive motion injuries – repetitive stress injuries are one of the nation’s most common form of workplace injury. These injuries affect hundreds of thousands of workers in almost every industry. Under the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation system, a worker who has suffered an injury because of repetitive motion can potentially recover for their injuries if they can show that their injury arose during the course of their employment and resulted in a major cause of their disability.

    Machine entanglement – working with heavy machinery can lead to accidents and injuries including sprains and strains, cuts, lacerations, and even death. However, many of these injuries can be prevented by employing proper safety measures that are often ignored by employers in an attempt to work faster.

    Vehicle crashes – Being involved in any type of auto accident can cause devastating and long lasting injuries. If you were injured while driving a company vehicle during the course of your employment activities, then you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation to help compensate you during the course of your treatment and recovery.

    Falling object injuries – Falling objects, tools, and equipment has been a concern in the Arkansas Workforce for the past several decades. In the past falling objects have accounted for nearly twenty percent of all injuries in the workplace. While these injuries can happen to almost any worker in any industry those who work at construction sites, roadway construction sites, bridge repair sites, and bulk stores face a much higher risk of being injured from falling objects than do other professions.

    Fatal Occupational Injuries

    The Occupational Safety and Health Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Division is responsible for compiling work-related injury, illness and fatality statistics. This data is available to the public upon request.

    The Arkansas Department of Labor has contracted with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics to conduct annual surveys of workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses.

    The first data for fatalities was released in the fall of 1993 for the calendar year 1992 through a program known as CFOI, Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Findings on the number of fatalities in Arkansas for each subsequent year are as follows:

    • 1992 – 82
    • 1993 – 71
    • 1994 – 85
    • 1995 – 91
    • 1996 – 88
    • 1997 – 102
    • 1998 – 86
    • 1999 – 76
    • 2000 – 106
    • 2001 – 68
    • 2002 – 80
    • 2003 – 87
    • 2004 – 70
    • 2005 – 80
    • 2006 – 78
    • 2007 – 89
    • 2008 – 85
    • 2008 – 75
    • 2010 – 87
    • 2011 – 93

    Since 1992 there have been 1679 workplace injuries
    Between 1992 and 2011 there have been an average of 84 workplace fatalities every year.
    Thirty-three (33), or 49%, of the 67 work-related fatal injuries in 2014 were the result of transportation incidents.

    What Benefits can I receive in Arkansas?

    Arkansas Workers’ Compensation law provides three different types of benefits that an injured worker may be entitled to receive including:

    Medical Care Benefits: Medical care is expensive. Medical coverage under the Workers’ Compensation system can include all reasonably necessary services and treatment including doctor bills, medication, hospital costs, lab tests, X-rays, and crutches. Your employer’s insurance provider pays these costs directly.

    Rehabilitation Services: Many times an accident will require a person to undergo continuing rehabilitation. This can include vocational rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation, all of which can potentially be covered by the Workers’ Compensation system.

    Cash Payment: Typically, cash payments come in the form or temporary total disability benefits. Under the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation system temporary total disability payments compensate you for wages lost while you are recovering from your injury. In addition, in the event that you are permanently disabled as a result of your accident you may be entitled to continue payments. If your injury results in death, these payments may be paid to your surviving dependents. Temporary total disability cash payments are calculated at 66.66% of your average weekly wage and are paid every two weeks. This is capped at a maximum amount set by state law.

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    How Much Time do I Have to File My Claim?

    The Workers compensation system process is automatic in Arkansas. However, you must file a Claim for Compensation within two years of your injury or within one year of your last compensation payment, in the event that you are still disabled. Any Workers’ Compensation claim will be assigned to an Administrative Law Judge of the Commission who will determine whether further proceedings are required in the matter.

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