Should You Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Arkansas

If you are suffering from a disability and are no longer able to work, it can be difficult to think about the complex process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The paperwork can seem endless and you may not be sure how to answer all the questions. Furthermore, you may be concerned that your application will be denied, or maybe it has already been denied and you aren’t sure what your next step should be. However, you do not have to tackle this difficult process on your own, having our experienced Fayetteville AR disability lawyers working on your case could greatly increase your chances of having your claim approved, as well as helping appeal a denial.

If you are wondering if you have a qualifying disability or if you should apply for benefits, you should speak with an attorney who understands the process. While some cases are obvious, there are many disability cases that are close to the borderline. You should not continue suffering physically while being out of work because you are not sure if you would qualify for Social Security benefits.

More than half of all disability claims in Arkansas are denied. Many of these are because of mistakes in the application process or a lack of medical evidence. With proper legal counsel, you could avoid many of the obstacles that stand between you and the benefits you need. If you have already applied and your application was denied, then speaking with our Arkansas disability lawyers about filing an appeal should be on the top of your “to-do” list. If you have any Social Security Disability questions, contact our law offices at (479) 316-0438.

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Arkansas?

Your chances of having your claim approved significantly increase. Statistics show that Social Security is more likely to approve a person who is represented by legal counsel. According to the SSA, the average approval rate for disability claims is approximately 36%. However, an attorney who has experience working with the Social Security system can help you avoid some of these statistics. Approximately 45% percent of all Social Security Disability applications are rejected for technical reasons. In these cases, the rejections were not based on whether or not the applicant was disabled or not, but rather because the applicant failed to fill a form out properly or because of another technical reason. Our Bentonville Social Security Disability lawyers could increase your chances of approval by providing the following benefits.

Starting Your Application and Meeting Deadlines

An attorney can attempt to expedite a Social Security Disability case, which can typically take months or even years to be resolved. Because of an attorney’s familiarity with the Social Security System they may be able to quickly identify why your application was denied and immediately refile your application. to file an appeal after reconsideration of a claim is denied, the SSD benefits applicant must request a hearing within 60 days of receiving the reconsideration decision. A hearing request requires the completion of several forms:

  • SSA-3441, Disability Report-Appeal
  • SSA-827, Authorization to Disclose Information
  • HA-4631, Claimant’s Recent Medical Treatment
  • HA-4632, Claimant’s Medications

All of these forms and deadlines can be troublesome for someone who is disabled, sick, or injured. An experienced Social Security Disability Attorney is intimately familiar with the system and can help you file an appeal or an initial claim much faster.

Save Time and Effort

From the information presented above, it should be clear that the Social Security Disability process is complicated, challenging, and convoluted. If you attempt the application process on your own, you will be spending hours online and on the phone. In some situations, you might be required to make several trips down to your local Social Security Administration office.

When you hire our Fort Smith disability lawyers, you will not have to worry about taking the time to deal with the Social Security Administration. More importantly, you are not engaging the services of one individual. Our attorneys are supported by a skilled team of professionals, including paralegals and administrative assistants. This means you have several people working on your behalf to ensure all documents are completed and filed on a timely basis. Our job is to ensure that those small mistakes that upend other applications do not impact your claim.

Gathering Medical Evidence to Support You Have a Qualifying Medical Condition

To be approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you must have a qualifying disability or medical condition that prohibits you from earning a living. The question many applicants fail to ask is, “do I have a qualifying condition.” They know they are in pain or otherwise limited in their ability to work, perhaps a bad back or a neurological disorder. However, an applicant must provide supporting evidence to demonstrate to the SSA that their condition warrants disability payments.

Many claims are denied for a lack of medical evidence and documentation. A diagnosis from your doctor is rarely enough to qualify for disability. You must meet the listing requirements in the SSA’s Listing of Impairments. Commonly known as the “Blue Book,” this publication lists the qualifying conditions and the list of criteria an applicant must prove to be eligible under that particular listing. Our experienced Arkansas disability lawyers understand this and will tailor your medical evidence to establish that you have a qualifying medical impairment. This includes collecting medical records and diagnostic test results. Possibly the most crucial document is a medical source statement from your doctor tying the evidence together. The SSA needs more than your doctor’s statement that you are disabled. The medical source statement should clearly indicate how your medical condition prohibits you from working.

Maximizing Your Claim

The idea of maximizing a disability claim might seem foreign to someone who does not understand the process. If you are applying for SSDI, your benefits are calculated based on your work history. However, your benefits will be based on the date of the onset of your condition. The approval process could take months or even years if you must go through a lengthy appeals process. Our Springdale disability lawyers will work to establish the onset date of your condition, which could increase your back payments once your application is approved.

Representing You In Front of an Administrative Law Judge

The disability process often feels frustrating. Even with the help of a trained attorney, approval is not guaranteed. Fortunately, there is an appeal process in place. During the appellate phase, you are likely to have a hearing before an administrative law judge. This is an opportunity to argue your case, including presenting evidence and questioning witnesses. If you thought the paperwork was intimidating, imagine talking in front of a seasoned judge. With the representation of our Arkansas Social Security Disability lawyers, you will have an experienced advocate by your side. Our attorneys have spent countless hours in courtrooms advocating for our clients in front of all types of judges.

Updating the Social Security Administration

One of the other frustrating aspects of the Social Security Disability process is that it is not over once your benefits have been approved. The SSA will conduct periodic continuing disability reviews (CRTs). Depending on the likelihood that your condition could improve, these reviews could occur every three or seven years. In some situations, a judge might alter the timeline. Our team of Rogers disability lawyers will help ensure that your medical records are up-to-date and that you still have evidence that supports your eligibility for benefits.

Our Arkansas Disability Attorneys Improve Your Chances of Success

With an overwhelming number of applicants receiving rejection letters from the Social Security Administration, it pays to have an advocate on your side. According to the Social Security Administration’s Advisory board, having third-party representation can greatly increase your chances of being approved at the initial level or on the appeals level. One of the greatest skills an effective Social Security Disability attorney will employ is executing an effective argument based on the facts. Our Harris disability attorneys are trained in how to highlight the pertinent facts and make your case more favorable.

Our Arkansas Social Security Disability Benefits Attorneys Are Available to Handle Your Case

There are many advantages to having an experienced Social Security Disability attorney at your side. If you are our client, our law firm is committed to making sure you and your family are properly provided for when disabilities disrupt your normal lifestyle. We will battle the federal government for you, and make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve. For more than 20 years, our Arkansas disability lawyers have fought for people who are unable to work through no fault of their own due to a disability, impairment, or serious long-term illness. We understand that you never asked for this condition and fight aggressively and strategically against claims examiners and administrative law judges who may mischaracterize or condition or minimize the serious impacts it has on your daily life and your ability to work. If you cannot work due to a serious disability or impairment call our SSDI attorneys today at (479) 316-0438 for a confidential consultation.