Bentonville, AR Disability Benefits Suspension Lawyer

Bentonville, AR Disability Benefits Suspension Lawyer

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    Many people depend on their Social Security benefits to support themselves while they are not able to work due to a disability. However, in some cases, the Social Security Administration (SSA), may suspend or terminate your disability benefits. This can place petitioners and participants under a lot of stress.

    If you or a loved one is facing a Social Security benefits suspension, you need skilled, experienced legal representation by your side. For a free, confidential consultation on your particular case, call Bentonville Social Security benefits suspension lawyer Ken Kieklak today at (479) 316-0438.

    Reasons for Disability Suspensions in Arkansas

    The SSA rarely suspends or stops disability benefits once they have been granted. However, there are certain circumstances where the SSA may discontinue or end an individual’s Social Security disability benefits. Some of the major reasons for the SSA to stop your disability benefits are discussed below.

    Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)

    To qualify for disability benefits, a person must meet specific requirements set forth by the SSA. One of the main elements to be considered eligible to receive disability benefits is that you must earn less than a specified amount of money every month (under $1,120 for 2019). If you make more than this specified amount of money, your disability benefits may be terminated.

    This is known as earning income above the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). Keep in mind that the SSA considers disability as the inability to earn income above the SGA limits due to an impairment that is expected to last for at least a year or may end in death. Essentially, if you earn money over the SGA limit, the SSA will no longer consider you “disabled.”

    Fraud to the SSA

    If the SSA finds you committed fraud in any way, your benefits will be terminated, and you will likely face criminal charges and prosecution. It is of utmost importance to submit clear and truthful information to the SSA. This includes providing accurate information about your identity, your particular disability case, your finances, and any other information required by the SSA. You should avoid submitting inaccurate or misleading information that may lead the SSA to believe you committed fraud. Our skilled disability benefits suspension lawyer can help you make sure you provide the necessary information to support your case move forward.


    If you are receiving disability benefits and are facing criminal charges, your Social Security disability benefits will typically cease. The termination of your benefits will stop regardless of your criminal charges and whether they are related to a misdemeanor or a felony. However, there are ways an individual can reapply for Social Security disability benefits after a criminal conviction. Our experienced Social Security benefits suspension lawyer can guide you if you face problems with the SSA due to a criminal offense in Arkansas.

    Ways a Social Security Attorney Can Help with Disability Suspension Cases

    A Social Security attorney can help you or someone you know with their Social Security disability benefits. Facing the SSA and complying with all their rules and regulations requires a deep understanding of how the SSA works. A skilled Social Security lawyer can guide petitioners through the entire Social Security qualifying process. Some of the additional things a lawyer can do to help you with a successful Social Security claim include the following:

    Assisting You with Supporting Documentation

    Your disability claim requires submitting documentation supporting your petition. Finding all the required information on your own can be stressful and time-consuming. A Social Security lawyer can help you gather all the information and evidence you need to support your disability claim properly.

    Representing You Through the Process

    Qualifying to obtain your disability benefits from the SSA can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you have never been involved in this type of process. An experienced Social Security lawyer like Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, can help you make sure your case gets the necessary follow-ups to prevent it from getting bogged-down among pending cases.

    Appealing a Benefits Denial

    Getting approved to obtain Social Security disability benefits is not 100% guaranteed. There is always the chance your claim may be denied.  In such situations, a Social Security lawyer can help you file an appeal of your claim denial and represent you before the reviewing administrative judge. Having a skilled Social Security lawyer by your side can help you make sure your interests are protected through the entire process.

    Social Security Disability Benefits Suspension Lawyer Serving Bentonville, Arkansas

    If you or a loved one is facing a Social Security disability benefits suspension in Bentonville, Arkansas, Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law may be able to assist. To learn more about your case in a free, confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.