Can I Apply for Disability Online in Arkansas?

Applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) helps millions of Americans get the financial support they need.  Millions of people deal with physical and mental disabilities that keep them from being able to work to support themselves, and the benefits provided through Social Security Disability Insurance may make a world of difference for them.  However, the application process can be difficult, and it becomes even more difficult if you need to go to a Social Security office or mail in forms.  Fortunately, the SSA does allow you to apply for disability benefits online.  Our Fayetteville, AR disability lawyer, Ken Kieklak, explains how you can apply and why you should still have a lawyer help you with your application.

Can You Apply on the Computer for Disability Benefits?

Dealing with physical paperwork, going to a Social Security office, or even taking a packet of papers to the post office could be a burden for many people with disabilities.  The option of applying online on the computer is essential for many people with disabilities who might be able to use screen-readers or other accessibility devices to help them apply.  It is also essential for people who cannot easily leave the home to be able to apply online from their home computer.

Fortunately, this option is available for many applicants, but it may still require additional supplemental forms to be mailed.  No matter how you apply, you should still work with a lawyer, especially if your disability makes it difficult to get through the actual application process.

How to Apply Online for Disability Benefits in Arkansas

The Social Security Administration’s website has information about applying online, including a webpage devoted to explaining the process and a few PDFs and fact sheets explaining what you need to apply for disability benefits online.

The SSA website recommends going through their checklist and assembling all the paperwork you need before you start your application process.  Some of this paperwork needs to be mailed in because the SSA needs original copies of important documents like your birth certificate.  This can be a burden for many applicants, but it is unfortunately a part of the process.  Other information you need to apply online includes information you might know off the top of your head or that you can easily assemble from your personal records:

  • Biographical information
  • Marital information
  • Military service history (if any)
  • Recent employer or self-employment details
  • Bank account information
  • Information for a backup contact to help with your case
  • Medical information about your condition
  • Information on your healthcare providers
  • Information about your medical history
  • Your job history
  • Information about your education and training

Some of these things are somewhat obvious as to why they are necessary, such as needing biographical info to know who is applying and needing medical info to verify your condition.  Information about your work history and job training is less obvious, but this information is all important because it will help the SSA determine what kinds of job tasks you can and cannot be expected to do.  The question of what job tasks you can still perform will be a core issue in determining whether or not you are “disabled,” so this information is important.  It might not be clear why other information is necessary, but our Harris, AR disability lawyers can help explain that to you during the application process.

When you apply online, you can often cut down on trips to a Social Security office, pause your application and resume it later, and apply at any time of day.  However, there are still many parts of your application that might require you to appear in person at a Social Security office or to mail documents even if you do the rest of the application online.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Disability Benefit Applications in Arkansas

A lot of the information that you need to provide to the SSA might seem straightforward, and you might be able to access much of this information on your own and tell the SSA how to access other information from your doctor or other care providers.  However, most applications that the SSA denies are denied because the information is incomplete or because there is not enough information in the application for the SSA to confirm the applicant’s disability.  A lawyer can help relieve most of these issues and push for a higher chance of your online disability application being accepted on the first try.

When a lawyer reviews your application, they will look for any missing information that the SSA might use as a basis for denying your claim.  We can then make sure to close those gaps and get the application completed in full.  Our Rogers, AR disability lawyers can also help you predict any problems the SSA might see with your application and head them off.  This often means getting additional paperwork and medical evidence together as part of your initial application so that the SSA gets the answers it needs to determine your disability status.

There are other forms and requests the SSA might want, such as medical functional assessments and more.  We can help you get the testing and information that you need to supply the SSA with everything they need to help avoid a potential disability benefits denial in Arkansas.

For Help with Your Online Disability Application in Arkansas, Call Our Attorneys

Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is an Arkansas disability lawyer in Arkansas who helps people apply for disability benefits, fight denied applications, and get the help they need to support their disability.  For help with your application, whether you are applying online or not, call us today at (479) 316-0438.