Can I Get Workers’ Comp for CRPS in Arkansas?

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) can cause chronic pain and discomfort. If you developed CRPS because of a job-related accident or your day-to-day workplace duties, you may qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas.

To get these benefits, report your CRPS diagnosis to your employer. Then, gather information regarding your medical records confirming your CRPS and its cause. Presenting prior medical records to show your diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome was not due to a pre-existing condition or previous injury may be necessary. You may be able to get Workers’ Compensation for as long as your CRPS persists and makes you unable to work in Arkansas. Like other similar injuries and conditions, CRPS can be challenging to prove in relation to Workers’ Compensation eligibility.

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Getting Workers’ Comp Benefits for CRPS in Arkansas

Complex regional pain syndrome is a broad term referring to the sustained pain or inflammation that persists after an injury or other traumatic event, like a heart attack or stroke. CRPS can have acute or chronic effects, making it difficult for some with this syndrome to work, entitling them to Workers’ Compensation benefits in Arkansas.

Reporting Your Injury

If you were recently diagnosed with CRPS because of an injury at work, inform your employer. Immediately after the accident happens, you will not be aware of your future CRPS diagnosis. That said, few workplace accident victims know their specific diagnosis immediately after they get hurt. If there was a specific accident that hurt you, tell your employer right away. If you are diagnosed with CRPS or another injury, tell your employer. Make sure the medical professionals you see throughout your treatment are approved by your employer’s Workers’ Compensation carrier.

Applying for Benefits

When preparing your Workers’ Compensation claim, it will be important to specify the incident that caused you to develop CRPS. This can be challenging, as various incidents, including heart attacks or strokes, can cause both acute and chronic CRPS. It will be necessary to show that a pre-existing condition did not cause your CRPS. Because of this, our Arkansas Workers’ Compensation lawyers may have to submit evidence of your past medical records showing that you did not have CRPS prior to a specific workplace accident. CRPS can be caused by seemingly minor events, like sprains due to repetitive motion injuries. It will be important to connect your CRPS to your recent workplace accident or workplace duties to show that you qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits in Arkansas.

Receiving Benefits

The Workers’ Compensation benefits you receive will depend on the classification of your injury and whether or not you will be able to return to work. Generally, the maximum weekly Workers’ Compensation benefit for total disability is $876. For permanent partial disability, the maximum weekly benefit is $657. That said, your specific benefit will be calculated by referring to your average weekly wages and the severity of your injury. Workers’ Compensation is designed to supplement a portion of your income, not all of it.

How Long Can You Get Workers’ Comp Benefits for CRPS in Arkansas?

Complex regional pain syndrome can manifest differently in each person, depending on the case and the specific event that caused the victim to develop CRPS. This means that Workers’ Compensation benefits may last for different amounts of time, depending on how long claimants need and qualify for them in Arkansas.

If you have chronic CRPS that is expected to last for the remainder of your life and prevent you from working, you may be able to get Workers’ Compensation benefits for the rest of your life. If not, you should receive benefits every two weeks until your disability is lifted and you can return to work in some capacity. Complex regional pain syndrome effects victims differently. While some might be able to return to their jobs with work restrictions, others cannot.

Do not assume that, just because your initial Workers’ Compensation claim was approved, you will receive benefits indefinitely for your CRPS. Your employer’s insurer might periodically ask for updated information about your medical condition to ensure you still remain eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits in Arkansas.

Why Can You Get Workers’ Comp Benefits for CRPS in Arkansas?

Unlike a broken leg or other immediately apparent injury, CRPS might lurk under the surface for some time, only to rear its head after an accident or other incident. So, why are those with CRPS eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas?

Though it can be difficult to prove eligibility for Workers’ Compensation benefits for CRPS, it is possible. Complex regional pain syndrome is often a symptom of a larger problem, like an underlying injury or other medical event. If the initial event that caused you to develop CRPS happened at work, you will be able to get Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Because of this, reporting any workplace accident or injury to your employer, even repetitive motion injuries that cause minor pain or discomfort, is important. That way, there is documentation of an accident or event in your employer’s records. If your doctor then informs you that you have developed CRPS because of a recent accident, it may be easier to prove that you deserve Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas. If your complex regional pain syndrome makes you unable to work, and you developed CRPS because of your workplace duties, you can be compensated for some of your lost wages and medical expenses. If you have experienced any pain or discomfort following a workplace accident, go to the hospital and get assessed for injury right away. Then follow the necessary steps to recover the compensation you deserve.

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