Are Car Accidents Public Records in Arkansas?

After a car accident happens, a lot of moving parts come into play. Things like reporting your crash to the police, giving a statement, contacting your insurance company, and filing a claim against the at-fault party can be overwhelming. Your driving record may become an important part of your injury claim or insurance claim, and this accident could become part of your record as well. Fayetteville, car accident lawyer Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, discusses more about your car accident record in Arkansas and who has access to it. To learn more about your car accident records, call our law offices today.

Does My Driving Record Show on Background Checks?

Neither your insurance company nor a potential employer – nor anyone else – can access your driving records directly. You can request a report and deliver it, or you can provide them written consent so they can obtain your information, but they cannot get your driving records without asking you first. Police may be able to access your record and use it as it pertains to criminal charges or traffic tickets, but beyond that, your record is not truly a public record like your criminal record is.

Car insurance claims are typical after a car crash, and your insurance company may request your driving record as part of their investigation. Drivers will go to their car insurance company to receive payments for their losses – such as coverage for medical expenses for a broken arm. However, awarding an insurance payout is not automatic, and it often requires investigation. Once you have filed your car insurance claim, an adjuster will revisit the specifics surrounding your case. The adjuster will likely ask for further documentation to determine whether you qualify for insurance coverage.

Depending on your driving history (e.g., crashes, speeding tickets, etc.), your car insurance provider can ramp up your insurance premium. This is one of the primary reasons they may request your driving record.

Employers can also request your driving records. For instance, if you are applying for a job that requires driving a vehicle (transportation, deliveries, etc.), your employer may want to know more about your driving history. Your employer will want to see whether you are a responsible driver capable of executing your job correctly. Your driving record will also show whether or not you have ever had license suspensions or whether your CDL (commercial driver’s license) is currently valid.

If during the process of running a background check they discover you represent a potential liability, chances are you won’t get the job. However, if you have a good driving history, it can open the doors to job opportunities.

What Goes into an Accident Report?

Reporting your accident to the police is one of the most important things you should do after a crash. The police officer will assess the accident, look at the extent of the damage, talk to witnesses, and make additional annotations. After the police officer finishes investigating the incident, they will write a report. The report will contain material information regarding the car accident, including some of the following information:

  • Names of involved parties
  • Statements from both parties
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Road conditions

All the information contained in the report, such as info on any catastrophic injuries, is essential for drivers who want to file a claim with their car insurance company. This information will usually become part of your driving record, and it could be referenced later by employers or insurance companies that want access to it.

In most cases, the officer will write about the accident and make individual annotations (markings, drawings, etc.) about the crash. This information is vital since it can also help you build your case to use in future proceedings.

However, keep in mind that auto insurance companies are likely to conduct their own investigation of the accident. Depending on their findings, your insurance premium can skyrocket.

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