What Happens if a Rental Car Hits You and There are Injuries in Arkansas?

If you are involved in a car accident and the negligent driver that struck you was operating a rental car, this could make your situation more complicated. You may be left wondering whether the at-fault driver or the rental service can be held liable for your accident. Fortunately, there is a solution to your situation. If you or a family member was the victim of a serious car accident, contact an experienced Fayetteville car accident lawyer. We acknowledge how a severe injury can impact your personal and professional life, and we are here to work with you. The Kieklak Law Firm is here to explain what happens if a rental car hits you and causes you to suffer an injury.

How to Handle an Accident with a Rental Car

Being involved in an accident with a rental car could make recovering compensation for your injuries more complicated. However, you should act similar to how you would if you were involved in another type of car crash. For example, you should still call for emergency medical services for any injured parties and call for law enforcement to investigate the accident.

Exchange Information

It is also vital to request information from the negligent driver to preserve your claim. You should ask the at-fault driver to provide you with the following information:

  • Name, address, and contact information,
  • Driver’s license
  • Name of their insurance company and name of the rental service
  • License plate
  • Make, model, and year of their vehicle

Document Damage to Vehicles

If your injuries permit, you should take the time to document the damage to your vehicle and the damage to the vehicle that struck you. You should also take photographs of the scene of the accident to help your insurance company understand how the accident occurred.

Document Poor or Ideal Road Conditions

Additionally, if there were any adverse weather conditions that may have been a factor in the accident, you should document that as well. For example, if the negligent driver was speeding in the rain, this is important information that may be used in a lawsuit.

Speak with any Witnesses

If any bystanders or motorists observed the accident, you should question whether they will provide you with a statement. If a witness agrees to submit a statement, you should request their contact information for use at a later time.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you requested a police report from law enforcement and you are finished gathering evidence at the scene, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible.

When a person rents a car, they will have to purchase some form of insurance policy for the vehicle, or the rental service may permit them to insure the vehicle through their car insurance company. The type of policy that the renter selected will determine the insurance coverage provided in the event of an accident or an injury.

If the driver chose an insurance policy that cannot cover the damage to your vehicle and the injuries you sustained, you would likely have to pursue compensation from the driver in court. Outside of the insurance policy for the rental car, the rental service will likely not be liable for the driver’s actions unless the driver was acting on behalf of the rental service.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Before you speak with representatives from insurance companies representing the negligent driver or the rental service, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney. Insurance claim adjusters will attempt to minimize your claim by questioning whether you were at fault for the accident. Our attorneys can handle interactions with the insurance companies to ensure that your case is not harmed.

If you cannot receive adequate compensation from the insurance company, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. To prove liability in a personal injury case for a car accident, you will need to show that the defendant acted negligently. This means that the driver took some action or failed to take some action that resulted in the car accident and your injury.

You should also be aware that you only have a certain amount of time to file your injury claim in Arkansas. Specifically, you have three years from the date of your injury, so you should not delay in speaking with a Fayetteville AR personal injury lawyer.

Work with Our Experienced Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney Today

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