Clarksville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

Clarksville, AR Car Accident Lawyer

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    Car accident victims in Clarksville are often left with significant damages they need to cover. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you get justice from the person who harmed you.

    Even minor car accidents can leave you with mounting costs and losses you did not plan for. Our team can help by calculating your medical expenses and lost income so these damages are accurately reflected in your claim. Where our team really helps is assessing your pain and suffering damages. We will gather and present evidence that shows how difficult living with your injuries has been and why you deserve to be compensated. If your car accident was caused by truly egregious behavior, like drunk driving, our lawyers will also make a claim for punitive damages.

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    Damages You Can Pursue in a Clarksville Car Accident Lawsuit in Clarksville, AR

    One of the most important questions on car accident victims’ minds is what damages they can legally claim from the driver who injured them. Our car accident attorneys can assess the numerous damages you might have incurred and get the evidence to prove them in court. By filing a lawsuit, you can pursue compensation for financial losses stemming from the accident, as well as non-economic damages insurance might not cover.

    Our team will evaluate your claim accurately, providing you with a trustworthy assessment to compare with any settlement offers you receive. If an offer does not account for all the damages the defendant caused, our lawyers will present your evidence to a jury to decide the appropriate amount. The following are common types of damages we help accident victims claim in Clarksville:

    Medical Bills

    Virtually all car accident claims seek compensation for medical expenses. You need some form of real loss to file a lawsuit, and medical bills are usually it. Even a minor car accident can leave you with mounting medical bills from the emergency room visit alone. If you need emergency care on the scene or further treatment after your initial evaluation, your medical expenses will only be higher.

    However, you should not be made to pay for medical care that you would not have needed if the defendant had not injured you. Whether it is compensation for hospital stays, surgeries, or prescription medications, our team will calculate your current medical costs so every expense is accounted for.

    We will also claim projected future medical costs you might incur. Victims of serious car accidents often need long-term care, which they could receive long after the lawsuit is over. For example, if you suffered spinal injuries, you might need physical therapy or surgeries for the foreseeable future.

    Our team can include these future projected medical costs in addition to what you have already paid. It is important to work with our attorneys because if you settle your case without accounting for your future costs, you cannot file another lawsuit later to recover what you need.

    Lost Income

    You might also need to claim lost wages if your injuries kept you from working. Our lawyers can usually prove these damages by presenting your paystubs and employment records as evidence of your daily income. You can also claim lost wages if you made less money because you needed to take reduced work while treating your injuries.

    In serious cases, you might be prevented from working for an extended period of time or indefinitely. If so, we will help claim damages for the loss of future earning potential you have suffered. For instance, suppose you had a skilled position that your injuries prevented you from doing anymore. You will likely need to take another job that pays less if you can work at all. You deserve to be compensated for what you will lose out on, including potential raises and promotions you would have earned if you had not been injured.

    Property Damage

    We can also help you get damages for the property the defendant damaged in the accident. Your vehicle likely sustained some damage that requires repair. However, your phone, watch, or any other personal item could have been damaged in the crash. Our team can help you file a claim that compensates for these losses.

    You can also claim expenses for any rental cars you need while your vehicle is being repaired. If your car is too damaged to be repaired, our team will help negotiate fair market value for a replacement.

    Pain and Suffering

    Another major portion of most car accident claims in Clarksville are damages for “pain and suffering.” These are the non-economic losses your accident and injuries have caused. The law recognizes that car accidents often leave victims with far more than just financial harm. Many suffer from emotional distress as a result of the trauma the defendant caused.

    For instance, you might not be able to get behind the wheel without stress since the accident. The trauma can throw your life into turmoil. Constant emotional distress often leads to depression, anxiety, and even PTSD, for which you should be paid.

    Your pain and suffering damages also account for the physical pain you have lived with since being injured. Perhaps you suffered a back or neck injury in the accident, leaving you with chronic spinal pain. While these losses can be hard to quantify, our attorneys can help assess your pain and suffering so you are fully compensated.

    Loss of the Enjoyment of Life

    Another subjective non-economic damage you can claim is your loss in the enjoyment of life. The goal is to compensate you for losing out on important moments and activities in life. For instance, you might have played basketball every day after work, but now you cannot because your knee was injured in the accident.

    Your injuries can also impact your family life to the extent that it demands justice. Your loss in life’s pleasures can be profound if you suddenly cannot spend the same amount of time with your children or your spouse. Our team can help the defendant pay for limiting your precious moments in life.

    Punitive Damages

    The court could also choose to award punitive damages if the case was especially egregious. However, this is rare. These damages are not intended to award you for any particular loss but to punish the defendant for the reckless act that caused the collision. It is the court’s way of dissuading others from acting the same way in the future. For example, our lawyers usually pursue and get punitive damages in DUI accident cases. If the facts warrant it, our team will fight for these in your claim.

    Our Clarksville, AR Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get the Compensation You Need for Your Recovery

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