Conway, AR Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Conway, AR Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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    Workers in Conway who experience an injury while on the job might face significant challenges, including paying for medical expenses and worrying about lost income during their recovery. However, there is typically a solution available in the form of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

    To receive these benefits, certain steps must be taken. It is important to note that the benefits will only cover a portion of the income lost due to the injury. Our team can help you navigate the process to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits available. If your claim is denied, we can also provide assistance in identifying the reason and guiding you through the process of reapplying or appealing the decision.

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    Recovering Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Conway, AR

    If you sustain an injury while at work, it is important to promptly report it to your employer in order to initiate the Workers’ Compensation claim process. Your employer will then file a First Report of Injury or Illness with their Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier to notify them of the incident.

    Once the insurance carrier has received the First Report of Injury or Illness, you might be asked to undergo a physical examination by a company doctor. Although there are options available to request a different doctor, it is recommended that you follow all instructions and attend all scheduled appointments. Failure to do so could result in a delay or denial of your benefits.

    Each claim is unique, but typically, you can expect to receive your first benefit payment within 14 days, assuming there are no unusual circumstances or issues with compliance. If any issues do arise, a preliminary mediation conference can often be arranged by the AWCC to resolve matters informally and avoid the need for litigation. However, in some cases, filing a formal Workers’ Compensation claim might be necessary, which requires the completion and submission of a Claim for Compensation – Form C (AR-C) to the AWCC. It is important to note that all claims must be filed within two years of the injury date, or they might not be considered compensable.

    When Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Conway, AR?

    If you have sustained an injury while on the job, it could be beneficial to work alongside our team of seasoned Workers’ Compensation attorneys. Even the most straightforward claims have many intricate details that only a knowledgeable lawyer can handle. Although it is not mandatory to hire an attorney, it can significantly increase the likelihood of your claim being approved. Given the potential issues that often arise in Workers’ Compensation cases, it is wise to seek our legal guidance from an attorney who is well-versed in Arkansas employment laws.

    While the Workers’ Compensation process is administrative in nature, it still poses various challenges. Although there might be the occasional, straightforward case that can be handled without any legal experience, most cases are complicated. For example, in many instances, your employer or their insurance provider might dispute your claim. This dispute could involve questioning the extent of your injury, the necessary treatment, or even denying that the injury occurred while at work.

    Getting approval for a Workers’ Compensation claim can be a daunting task, as it involves navigating through multiple complexities. To ensure that injured individuals receive the benefits they deserve, our team is well-versed in the legal system and dedicated to providing assistance. We strive to protect you from being taken advantage of by insurance companies.

    Unfortunately, many workers who are injured wait too long before seeking legal assistance. This delay could further worsen the situation, as it puts our lawyers at a disadvantage. To avoid this, it is critical that you seek legal help as soon as possible.

    When you file a Workers’ Compensation claim, you are essentially fighting against the insurance company. It is essential to have an advocate who will aggressively represent your interests. Despite what the insurance adjuster might say, they are not working for you. Insurance companies process thousands of claims each week and employ skilled attorneys, adjusters, and accountants to minimize their liability. These individuals are your adversaries, and without legal representation, you will be at a severe disadvantage.

    Workers Who Are Eligible to Claim Workers’ Compensation in Conway, AR

    In Arkansas, most employees are entitled to Workers’ Compensation coverage, as stated by the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Committee. Employers with three or more workers must obtain insurance coverage or self-insurance approval, as required by state law. However, domestic help employees, agricultural farm workers, and those employed by non-profit, religious, charitable, or relief organizations in Arkansas are not covered. Additionally, Arkansas law does not cover railroad or maritime workers, as they are covered by a federal program that overrides state law.

    Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Can Claim in Conway, AR

    Arkansas Workers’ Compensation law offers several benefits to injured workers, although they might not be as comprehensive as those available through a personal injury lawsuit.

    Medical Care and Rehabilitation Expenses

    If an employee is injured, their medical expenses will be covered by Workers’ Compensation. This includes bills from doctors and hospitals, costs for surgery, diagnostic tests, medical equipment, and medication. However, the employee must see an approved doctor, and any medical procedures must be approved by the employer’s insurance provider.

    Some injuries require physical or vocational rehabilitation. In Arkansas, Workers’ Compensation law covers certain types of rehabilitation. Physical rehabilitation must be ordered by an approved doctor in order to be covered. Vocational training is only allowed if the injury prevents the employee from performing their job duties due to medical restrictions.

    Disability Benefits

    In case you find yourself unable to go back to work for a considerable period of time, or even permanently, it is essential to know that Worker’s Compensation offers temporary disability benefits for up to 450 weeks at two-thirds of your salary.

    If an employee suffers a permanent impairment, they might still be eligible to receive benefits even after they return to work, but the amount and duration of these benefits will depend on the severity of the impairment. In cases where an injury leads to a permanent disability that renders the employee unable to work, they might be entitled to receive disability benefits equal to 66 2/3% of their salary.

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