Crawford County, AR Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Crawford County, AR Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

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    Crawford County, Arkansas is an area where one can find both the amenities of historic cities and the pleasures of rural open roads. From Fort Smith to Van Buren and in between the roads of Crawford County are a welcoming place for all motorists. Thousands of riders set out for or pass through Crawford every year.

    While the vast majority of trips to or through the county are completed successfully and without accident or incident, collisions and problems do occur for an unfortunate few. Many of these incidents are caused by careless drivers, negligent drivers, and reckless drivers. These individuals may be blinded by short-term problems, such as being late for work, and may not consider the consequences their speeding or unsignaled lane changes can have. Other drivers, such as commercial truck drivers, may have to meet a deadline. Unfortunately accidents involving large trucks are often result in extremely severe injuries.

    Why Can Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks be So Severe?

    Whether your accident involved a box truck, straight truck, dump truck, 18 wheeler, or some of type of truck, you likely have extremely serious injuries. One of the reasons why accidents involving large trucks can produce such severe injuries is due to the extreme mass carried by the vehicle. That is, the force of the vehicles is defined by the mass of the vehicle multiplied by the acceleration of the vehicle. A greater mass means a greater force is involved in the accident.

    In addition to having a greater force involved, large trucks can often topple over following a collision. In some cased the truck can land on a smaller passenger vehicle. Some may be trapped in their car. Other less fortunate individuals may suffer severe injuries as their vehicle is crushed under the weight of the truck.

    There are many other circumstances where an accident with a commercial truck can produce serious injuries. Some common injuries inflicted in truck accidents includes:

    • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) – Traumatic brain injuries can be inflicted in truck accidents due to the size and weight of vehicles involved. TBIs can have severe impacts on an individual’s physical and mental health. Brain injuries can also result in cognitive deficits, difficulty with abstract concepts and a host of other problems.
    • Broken bones – Limbs can break, shatter, or be crushed by the forces involved in serious commercial truck accidents. Injuries of this type can take years of therapy and medical care for recovery.
    • Spinal injuries – Injuries to the neck and spine are some of the most commonly suffered injuries following a collision. Despite their commonality, injuries of this type can have severe effects. Injuries to the neck and spine can cause life-altering and lifelong impairments.

    Many other injuries are possible in a truck accident. The driver and passengers of the vehicles may suffer severe burns, cuts, scrapes, lacerations, and other severe injuries.

    Why Do Truck Accidents Occur?

    Commercial trucks are larger vehicles that are less maneuverable than he average passenger car and less able to avoid hazards. Large trucks accelerate and brake more slowly than passenger vehicles. These unique characteristics increase the odds of an accident involving a truck. Other potential contributing factors to a serious accident include:

    • The driver did not see the other vehicle – Truck drivers often sit high above other drivers. While this seating location can provide perspective, it can also lead to drivers not seeing a vehicle that is driving directly adjacent to the truck cab. Other blind spots exists meaning that the truck driver may not be aware that one or more other vehicles are present.
    • Poor weather conditions – Poor weather conditions like rain, sleet, snow, or hail can increase stopping distances while simultaneously decreasing visibility. Poor weather conditions or roadway conditions increase the odds of a collision of any type.
    • Driver fatigue – While commercial drivers are not supposed to drive when they are unable to safely operate a motor vehicle, accidents such as the rear-end commercial truck collision that severely injured Tracy Morgan have been attributed to driver fatigue. A fatigued driver perceives information and reacts more slowly than a well-rested driver.

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