Crawford County, AR Construction Injury Attorney

Crawford County, AR Construction Injury Attorney

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    The construction industry is a dangerous industry. While there has been a steady increase in safety protocols and standards this has not been entirely effective in curtailing the amount of accidents and injuries on a construction site.  Of all the industries workers in the construction workers have a much higher rate of fatal and non-fatal injuries as compared to other industries.

    When an accident happens on a construction site do not wait to contact an attorney who can help you with your case. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law has the experience and know how to tackle your case. No matter how big the company or size of the case we have been serving injured workers in Crawford County for years.

    Dangerous Conditions on a Construction Site in Arkansas

    As a safe, responsible construction worker, you understand the dangers of your work site. You take the proper precautions, wear the right safety equipment and never take unnecessary risks that violate site safety protocols. However, no matter how safe of a worker you are construction workers are subjected to some of the harshest work environments out of any profession other than the military. Our professional construction accident attorney understand your injuries and have worked with hundreds of injury cases throughout the years.  Some of the most common reasons for construction accidents include:

    • Faulty Scaffolding
    • Collisions with Construction Vehicles
    • Exposure to Toxic / Hazardous Chemicals
    • Electrocution Accidents
    • Struck by Falling Objects
    • Burns from Welding Equipment
    • Falls from Heights
    • Trench Accidents

    Out of these accidents one of the most common are injuries from falls. It is surprising that construction site falls are still one of the leading causes of injuries in construction sites. In many instances a fall is completely preventable. However, when they do happen they often result in very serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and even death.

    Construction Liability

    Out of all the many ways that a construction worker might be injured when they are working on a construction site, there are just as many people who may be liable for the injuries. Constructions sites are some of the most dangerous working environments that a worker can find themselves in. There is always the possibility of explosions, electrocution, falls, and exposure to hazardous materials and equipment.  In addition there are many issues in construction sites. For example, construction companies are required to comply with safety regulations set forth by OSHA.  Ken Kieklak can help you determine who is liable for your accident if you were injured on a construction site.  In addition Ken has experience working with injured workers throughout Arkansas. While liability may be difficult Ken Kieklak has experience helping construction site workers file the following cases.

    Personal Injury: In a personal injury lawsuit, a construction site worker may be able to recover for their injuries if they can show that their employer was negligent, and as a result of their negligence the worker was injured.

    Product Liability: If the injury was caused by a defective product, the injured party can bring a suit against any party in the chain of distribution. For example, if a ladder used on a construction site fails due to a defect and causes an injury, the injured party may be able to recover compensation from the retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or any other party in the chain of distribution.

    Wrongful Death: If a worker is killed on the job, his or her family may be able to bring a wrongful death claim on their loved one’s behalf.

    No matter how safe a worker tries to be, an accident can happen at any time and with no notice.  On average there are more than four people out of every one hundred people who are injured every day in the construction industry and there are nearly thirteen deaths every day. However, if you have been injured do not let this injury dictate your life. Ken Kieklak has been fighting for injured workers throughout Arkansas.

    Contact a Crawford County Construction Accident Attorney If You Suffered an Injury At a Construction Site

    If you or someone you love was injured in Arkansas, you may have a strong claim for significant compensation. To schedule a completely confidential case evaluation, call Ken Kieklak at (479) 316-0438, or contact us online today.