Do Tow Trucks Have to Report Accidents in Arkansas?

After a motor vehicle accident in Arkansas, a person’s first thoughts will typically focus on their health and the health and welfare of their passengers. Another consideration is what happens with your car if it sustained too much damage to drive away. Does a tow truck appear? Do you call the towing company? Is this a job for the police? If no police are involved, does the tow truck driver report the accident?

Under Arkansas law, a towing company will file a report with the police when they remove a vehicle without consent – typically if a car is parked illegally. However, in most accident situations that require towing, the police or the accident victims are contacting the tow truck driver.

There are several things you should do after an accident to protect your health and your legal rights. One of the critical things you should do is contact our Arkansas car accident attorneys. Below, the following article discusses dealing with a tow truck driver and the other steps you should consider if you were an accident victim. Remember, it is essential to call our law offices at (479) 316-0438.

Towing a Vehicle and Driver Preference After an Arkansas Accident

Unless public safety or exigent circumstances necessitate removing a vehicle immediately to clear a thoroughfare or if an owner is incapacitated, the owner of a damaged, disabled, or otherwise inoperative vehicle should be offered a preference regarding towing their car.

Should the responding officers fail to offer a vehicle owner preference as required by law, then the owner has a right to file a complaint with the local law enforcement agency and the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board. Our knowledge Benton County car accident lawyers are available to assist with this along with pursuing a personal injury claim.

Where Are Damaged Vehicles Towed to in Arkansas

As stated above, there are usually two different ways a vehicle is towed after an accident. The first is the accident victim requests a tow truck to transport the damaged vehicle to a garage for repairs. In the other case, the responding police officer manages the towing of the various vehicles involved in the accident to help clear the accident scene, protect other drivers, and restore the flow of traffic if possible.

If you contacted the towing company, they will either transport the car to the location of your choice or will provide you the address where the car will be stored. In some situations, you will have to reach out to the towing company the following day for this information.

When a car is towed at the request of the police, then you need to contact the local police department to obtain information regarding your vehicle. If you required medical treatment or left the scene in an ambulance, then calling the police would be the first step you need to take to find out where your car was taken.

Towing Costs After an Accident in Arkansas

Towing is not free. Nor is storing your vehicle. However, towing is expensive. In many accidents in Arkansas, a vehicle is towed as a matter of course, especially if it is inoperable and creating a hazard on the roadway. Furthermore, the car owner might not have the opportunity to agree to the towing or costs because they have been taken to the hospital or otherwise physically incapable of providing consent.

After towing a vehicle, the towing company and storage facility will have a first priority lien on the vehicle and its contents for all reasonable expenses for towing recovery and storage. The owner of the vehicle is, at least initially, liable for all costs.

If you have a roadside assistance plan, then your vehicle should be transported to the shop of your choosing. It is also likely that a portion or all your towing costs could be covered. Furthermore, your auto insurance policy might pay the towing and storage costs. It is actually a good idea to be familiar with what your insurance covers before an accident occurs. If you have any difficulties dealing with your insurance provider, our Fort Smith car accident attorneys are available to handle all communications and negotiations.

If another party or entity caused the accident, then the cost of towing the vehicle, including the cost of storage or repairs, becomes part of the damages claims against the negligent party. You are entitled to recover those damages in the same way you could be compensated for your medical costs and lost wages. To ensure all your damages are accounted for, you should have our experienced Arkansas personal injury attorneys valuing your claim.

Other Things to Consider After an Accident in Arkansas

Having your car towed to safety is only one concern you will have after an accident. First and foremost, you should focus on your health and safety and the health and safety of any passengers in your vehicle. If you are physically capable, you should gather information and document the crash to protect your legal rights. Collect contact information from the other driver and any witnesses who saw the accident. Contact the police and find out how to get a copy of the accident report. You should also take photographs of the scene. All this information will be helpful if another driver caused the accident or if you have to protect yourself from liability. Calling our Fayetteville car accident attorneys should also be high on your list.

Our Arkansas Accident Attorneys Are Available to Help You

Car accidents leave a wake of damage and injuries. One of the practical concerns after many accidents is what happens with your car. Our Arkansas car accident attorneys will work with insurance companies, defense attorneys, and towing and storing companies. If an accident was not your fault, you should not have to pay for medical bills or your towing costs. Call our law offices at (479) 316-0438 to review your case.