Fayetteville, AR Broken + Crushed Pelvis Attorney

Fayetteville, AR Broken + Crushed Pelvis Attorney

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    If you have suffered from a broken or crushed pelvis in Fayetteville, AR, you already know the ways that it can impact your life. Pain and discomfort may keep you from going to work and performing the daily tasks that need to be done. Whether it be through a car accident, a slip or fall, or an unexpected accident on the job, daily life brings many opportunities for injuries to the pelvis. In some cases, you may be able to recover damages from the party that is responsible for your pelvis injury.

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    Common Causes of Broken + Crushed Pelvis Injuries in Fayetteville, AR

    Daily life tends to bring some unexpected events, including those that lead to your pelvis being broken or crushed. The following are common causes of pelvic injuries.

    Slips and Falls

    Slipping and falling on a wet or slick surface that was improperly maintained can impart severe force on the pelvis, which can lead to significant injuries. If it can be proven that the negligence of a property owner led to your slip and fall injury, you may be able to recover compensation. For example, if there was a spill that a building’s staff failed to clean up within a reasonable amount of time, the property owner may be held accountable for your pelvis injury.

    You may also be able to hold a Fayetteville property owner responsible if there are defects in the building’s structure or surface; this includes uneven flooring, unstable surfaces, or unsecured objects. Suffering from a slip or fall as a result of improper building maintenance following inclement weather is another circumstance that may enable you to hold a property owner accountable for your injury.

    Car Accidents

    Car accidents often involve a strong impact to a vehicle, which can result in an injured pelvis. A strong impact to the driver’s side door is especially likely to result in a broken or crushed pelvis. Pelvis injuries that result from car accidents usually happen after accidents involving multiple vehicles, but they may also happen between drivers and pedestrians. If a person who has suffered from a pelvis injury during a car accident can prove that the other driver was negligent in their duty to drive safely, they may be able to recover damages for their pelvis injuries.

    Workplace Injuries

    Pelvis injuries may also be caused by falls from high places, which can happen in various workplaces. Certain jobs and industries carry an especially high level of risk, such as those that require employees to spend time in elevated places. If an employee injures their pelvis while they are at work, they may be able to file a worker’s compensation insurance claim. This claim will result in the issuance of compensation to cover medical costs and lost wages stemming from an injury suffered in the workplace.

    Symptoms and Treatments for Crushed and Broken Pelvises

    The pelvis can be found at the base of the spine, above the legs. It is comprised of a ring of bones that serve as a cradle for the internal organs. There are three main types of bones that comprise the pelvis: the sacrum, which is a large triangle-shaped bone; the coccyx, which is also referred to as the tailbone; and the hip bones. Pelvises are usually injured by being compacted by a large amount of force.

    Pelvic fractures may be either stable or unstable. Stable pelvic fractures have a single point of breakage, allowing the bones to stay in one place. With an unstable pelvic fracture, the pelvis breaks in multiple places, causing the bones to move around and even damaging the internal organs. Needless to say, unstable fractures are much more severe than stable fractures.

    Pelvic fractures may be accompanied by many symptoms, including difficulty walking and standing, bleeding of the abdomen or urethra, feelings of numbness or tingling in the groin or legs, damage to the nervous system, and difficulty urinating. When the pelvis is fractured, there is also a high chance of damage to the bladder or large intestine. CT scans and other imaging tests are used to diagnose pelvic fractures.

    These fractures may be treated with either surgical or nonsurgical methods. When a pelvic fracture is treated surgically, pins and screws are inserted into the bones, creating a frame to hold the pelvic bones in place. This is known as external fixation.

    When a pelvic fracture is treated non-surgically, a patient may be given a walking aid to use. This can help the pelvis heal by taking weight off the legs and pelvis. This type of injury may also be treated with the help of medications that can relieve pain or thin the blood to prevent life-threatening clots in the legs and pelvis.

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