Attorney for Disability Case Referrals in Arkansas

Attorney for Disability Case Referrals in Arkansas

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    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is honored when other attorneys trust him with their client’s Social Security Disability cases. Through decades of hard work and dedication, our attorney for disability case referrals in Arkansas has built a reputation for committed and professional legal representation.

    The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits process is challenging even for the most experienced lawyer. The Social Security Administrations (SSA) denies an average of over 70% of initial applications. By referring your client’s case to our skilled attorneys and staff, you will be increasing the likelihood that their claim is approved. If you have a client whose claim was denied, our experienced lawyers are available to assist with the appeals process. Call our office at (479) 316-0438 if your firm needs to refer a Social Security Disability case to an outside firm.

    Referring a Client Who is Filing an Initial SSDI Claim to an Experienced Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer

    As stated above, a vast majority of initial SSDI claims are rejected by the SSA. In many cases, a claim is denied because of an error or omission in the original forms. Additionally, many claimants make the mistake of not providing sufficient medical evidence and documentation to substantiate their medical condition. By referring your client to an attorney focused on dealing with the SSA, many of these common errors could be avoided.

    Knowing what medical records and documents are required to substantiate your client’s disability is a crucial part of putting an initial application together. Our experienced attorneys and staff will work with your client and their healthcare providers to gather the necessary evidence.

    For example, it is essential to include a claimant’s complete medical history regarding their impairment. This means tracing the effect of their medical condition back to the first time it negatively impacted their ability to work. A claimant’s medical history should also include a complete list of any emergency room visits or hospital stays that were directly related to their condition.

    Presenting a comprehensive medical history is only part of the equation. If you refer your client to our office, we will work with their treating physicians to obtain written statements. After handling countless Social Security applications, our office understands the information the SSA is looking for from medical professionals. The statements must include more than a statement of belief that an individual is disabled. A physician’s opinion should explain your client’s impairment, describe their medical treatment, explain their symptoms, and demonstrate how their condition adversely impacts their ability to perform the necessary tasks associated with their job. Furthermore, the statement should describe the limitations your client will be facing because of their condition. If the claimant is receiving treatment from several doctors and specialists, our office will work with each one to build a convincing case.

    Refer Denied SSDI Claims to Our Arkansas Social Security Disability Attorney

    The SSA denies most initial claims, so it not uncommon for an individual to come into your office after their application was rejected. Ken Kieklak not only handles initial claims but he has also represented many people through the appeals process. If you have a potential client whose benefits claim has been denied, they need the help of an Arkansas Social Security Disability lawyer familiar with the process.

    People with denied claims are more common than you might expect, as the SSA typically rejects nearly 70% or more of initial applications. While some of these denials are because the individual simply does not qualify for benefits, many are because of technical reasons, such as errors made during the application process or because the claimant failed to provide sufficient medical evidence. Our office can help your client understand why their claim was denied and prepare the required appeal.

    Reconsideration of a Denied Appeal

    If you have a client who had their appeal denied, you should not hesitate in referring them to a skilled Arkansas Social Security Disability firm. They only have 60 days to file an appeal with the SSA. This deadline only affords them a limited time to prepare an appeal.

    During this process, an SSA committee, located in the same office that denied the initial claim, will review the application a second time. However, a claimant is allowed to present new evidence along with the original documentation. Knowing what evidence is valuable and how to quickly obtain it is critical when submitting a claim for reconsideration.

    Requesting a Hearing on a Denied Claim

    If you have a client who had their request for reconsideration, their next option is to request a hearing. Again, the chances of success increase if you refer your client to an experienced attorney.

    A hearing will take place in front of an administrative law judge. During the hearing, evidence and witnesses are presented. The judge will also question the applicant. Because our firm has been handling these types of complicated cases for decades, we have the resources to obtain additional evidence, including medical experts who could prove invaluable when describing the impact of your client’s physical or mental impairment.

    In situations where you have a client who steps into your office because an administrative law judge denied their appeal, our office still might be able to help. When working with someone who deserves benefits and is denied, our committed attorneys and staff will exhaust every possible option.

    If Your Firm Has a Complicated Social Security Disability Case, Contact Our Experienced Arkansas Disability Attorney

    Some people who are unable to work because of a physical or mental impairment need disability benefits. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits or appealing a denied claim is challenging and time-consuming. When someone requires these monthly benefits to live, any delay or denial could be devastating. By referring your clients to an experienced Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney, you can ensure that their rights are protected. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, is committed to providing professional representation. Contact our office at (479) 316-0438 to discuss our referral arrangements.