Fayetteville, AR Attorney for Infant Bruising During Birth

Fayetteville, AR Attorney for Infant Bruising During Birth

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    No parent should have to deal with their child suffering a serious injury during birth because their medical practitioner did not exercise caution during the delivery. Unfortunately, many parents end up being helpless as they watch a doctor fail to deliver their child safely. However, that doctor or hospital does not have to skate by without being held accountable for their actions. If your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice, contact an experienced Fayetteville birth injury attorney today.

    The Kieklak Law Firm understands that your day of delivery should be a joyous occasion for the whole family, and we are here to help you pursue compensation against a negligent doctor that jeopardized your child’s safety. You do not have to deal with a medical malpractice claim alone, contact the Kieklak Law Firm at (479) 316-0438for a free legal consultation.

    Common Causes of Infant Bruising

    Bruising can be the cause of several types of disorders and illnesses that newborn babies may develop. We often fully place our trust in medical practitioners that we believe would never place our child in a position where they could be injured. Unfortunately, some doctors are unprepared for the delivery of a child, which can result in serious accidents that leave the child with long-term or permanent injuries.

    The following is a list of common causes of infant bruising during childbirth.

    Misuse of Delivery Assisting Tools

    To assist in the delivery of a child, a doctor or medical team may employ the use of birth-assisting tools. Forceps and vacuum extractors are two commonly used birth-assisting tools. Forceps are used to grip onto an arm or another body part of a child to help the physician pull the child from the birth canal. Vacuum suctions are used in the same manner to help deliver an infant; only the suction must be attached to the child’s head.

    Forceps can be incorrectly used if a doctor uses excessive force when grabbing onto the body part of the infant. If the doctor squeezes too hard, the child can suffer bruising, which can lead to other conditions like brain damage or Erb’s palsy (damage to nerves in the arm). Similarly, if a vacuum extractor is incorrectly attached to the child’s head or it is used on an incorrect body part, the baby could suffer a severe injury.

    Child Stuck in the Birth Canal

    A delivering physician should be prepared for all scenarios, including a child becoming stuck in the mother’s birth canal. The possibility of a child being stuck in the birth canal can depend on various circumstances. For example, if the baby weighs more than the average birth weight for an infant or if the child’s head is larger than most children, this may indicate that they could become trapped in the mother’s pelvis.

    If a doctor has reason to believe that a child will become stuck in the birth canal, they should discuss alternative birth methods with the mother. If the child is endangered, the doctor should consider the possibility of a C-section to deliver the child. A physician could be held liable for malpractice if they do not exercise caution when delivering a child.

    Mishandling of Infant

    Once a child is born, it is imperative that every person is extremely cautious when it comes to handling the child. However, if a negligent or inexperienced medical staff is treating you, there is a possibility that they could endanger your child. While it is less likely that an injury could occur at this stage, you should ensure that the team in charge of your pregnancy understand how to handle an infant.

    If you believe that your child was injured due to the negligence of your doctor or the hospital staff, you should consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Our firm can help you evaluate your case against a negligent doctor or hospital to help you determine whether you have a valid case. We can help you gather evidence for your case to learn whether your child’s injuries were a natural part of childbirth or whether they could have been avoided.

    Do not delay in pursuing your case; the Kieklak Law Firm is here for you.

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