Fayetteville, AR Radiation Burn Injury Attorney

Fayetteville, AR Radiation Burn Injury Attorney

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    Overexposure to radiation can be extremely hazardous to a person. There are various industries where employees are subject to high levels of radiation while performing their daily tasks. If an employer does not institute safety measures to ensure that employees are not overexposed to radiation, they could be held liable if an employee suffers a radiation burn or develops an illness. If you or a family member suffered a radiation burn at the workplace, contact an experienced Fayetteville radiation burn injury attorney.

    The Kieklak Law Firm is here to help you pursue a claim against an employer that failed to utilize adequate safety procedures to ensure the safety of their workplace. The side effects of radiation burn can be frightening and severe. You should not have to bear the burden of this injury due to the negligent actions of an employer. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact the Kieklak Law Firm at (479) 279-6267, or contact us online.

    Jobs Where Employees May be Overexposed to Radiation

    Radiation can be emitted from a wide range of sources like X-ray machines and even the sun. Certain forms of radiation are extremely hazardous to humans and can result in radiation burns and even the development of cancer. For example, ionizing radiation is a source of radiation that can cause burns and other types of injuries.

    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), ionizing radiation is present in a wide range of workplaces. The following is a list of jobs where an employee could suffer a radiation burn.

    Flight Attendant

    Flight attendants and other flight crew members are exposed to radiation on a higher level than workers that operate in a nuclear power plant. Flight attendants are frequently exposed to a form of ionizing radiation that is referred to as cosmic radiation. Exposure to cosmic radiation is more likely when a person is at flight altitude than when they are on the surface of the earth.

    While studies on cosmic radiation are still being performed, some studies have shown that female flight attendants have higher rates of breast cancer and melanoma than other women.

    Radiology Techs

    Radiology technicians are responsible for the frequent operation of X-ray machines. These technicians may perform dozens of X-rays in a single day. That is why it is important for an employer to ensure the machinery used does not emit an unsafe amount of radiation.

    If you believe your employer does not employ adequate safety measures for radiology technicians, they could be held liable for your injuries.

    Mine Workers

    Mine workers are exposed to a large amount of radiation because of decaying deposits of radon and uranium in the earth. If a miner spends a significant amount of time underground, they are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer and similar illnesses.

    Power Plant Worker

    Power plants are held to stringent regulations to ensure that employees are not overexposed to radiation. As a result, many employees at power plants are less likely to experience radiation burn or other injuries due to these regulations. However, there is still potential for accidents to occur where a worker could be overexposed to radiation in a short span of time.

    There are other industries where a worker could be exposed to ionizing radiation or other forms of harmful radiation. Our firm can help you determine whether your employer is responsible for your injuries after suffering radiation burn. To learn more about filing a lawsuit for radiation burn, continue reading and speak with an experienced Arkansas workplace injury lawyer.

    When to File a Lawsuit for Radiation Burn Injuries

    If you suffered a painful radiation burn injury, you would likely need to seek extensive medical treatment for your injuries. You should not be responsible for your medical bills if poor workplace procedures are the cause of your injuries.

    You should be aware that if you wish to file a lawsuit for your injuries, you must file your case promptly. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Arkansas is three years from the date of your injury. This means that failing to file your claim within three years will leave you without a way to seek compensation for your injuries.

    Another possibility is seeking Workers’ Compensation for your injuries. Our firm can help you determine which option is best for you depending on the circumstances of your case.

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    If you were overexposed to radiation at the workplace, consult with an experienced Fayetteville radiation burn lawyer today. At the Kieklak Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing you with the legal representation you deserve to pursue compensation for your injuries. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact the Kieklak Law Firm at (479) 279-6267.