Fort Smith, AR Defective Medical Device Lawyer

Fort Smith, AR Defective Medical Device Lawyer

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    Every year thousands of people all across the county have medical devices surgically implanted in an effort to alleviate pain or regain functionality. Despite billions of dollars that the medical industry invests in developing and testing medical devices and implants there are thousands of reports each year of people suffering from injuries as a result of a defective device.

    Ken Kieklak, Attorney at law helps not only patients who have been injured because of a defective medical device but also with the families of those who have lost their lives because of a defective medical device. If you have been injured by a defective medical device, Ken can fight on your behalf. For more than 20 years Ken has fought for injury victims. To schedule a free and private legal consultation call (479) 316-0438 or contact us online today.

    Risks and Complications Associated with Medical Devices

    Most medical devices that cause severe injury are those that are implanted directly into the body under the care and skill of a surgeon. However, even the most experienced surgeon may not be aware that the device they are placing into you is defective, or has some unsafe side effect. Unfortunately, because of the delicate nature of these devices, there are numerous complications that are associated with a defective medical device. Patients can suffer serious complications as a result of a defective medical device, including inflammation, swelling, infection, decreased mobility, and severe pain. In many cases where there is, a defective medical device a patient will be required to undergo additional surgery to correct the conditions. Other complications can include:

    • Bone death
    • Loosening of the implant
    • Soft tissue calcification
    • Fractures
    • Death

    One of the most common implanted devices is a hip or knee implant, which despite their prevalence in the medical industry are frequently recalled and the source of many injuries and even death. Ken Kieklak will investigate any injury that is caused by a defective medical device or recalled device. Using over 20 years of experience, we are ready and prepared to fight for you to help you achieve the maximum amount of compensation.

    What Are the Duties of a Medical Implant Manufacturer Regarding Their Products?

    Designing a medical device that is to be implanted in the human body is not something that happens overnight. In fact, if a company follows all of the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Drug Administration, it can take years for a medical device to be approved. Medical devices need to undergo strict testing and meet strict standards. However, it seems that all too often companies put products on the market that they know are not entirely safe. These companies have an awesome responsibility to conduct their research and design with the utmost care, and if they do not do so and thereby create a product that is held to be unreasonably dangerous, then an injured person may be entitled to recover.

    While the results of a defective medical device product can be devastating and complex, the law on these products can be explained very briefly. As a medical device is a product, the Arkansas laws on product liability are applied to any injury case. The key elements of a product liability case are that the product must be defective before it reaches the consumer, and the defect must be a cause of the injury. A product can be defective because of poor design, manufacturing errors such as poor quality control, or because the warnings or instructions are not correct or are unclear.

    Simply stated, a company that designs and markets medical devices needs to create and sell a product that is safe. If a product they need to make a safe product. If a device injures you and it is held unreasonably dangerous, the law allows you to recover medical expenses including surgeries and additional procedures, therapy, lost income, pain and suffering, and even death benefits.

    Rely on Fort Smith Defective Medical Device Lawyer Ken Kieklak

    Ken Kieklak believes that the manufacturers of these dangerous medical devices should be held accountable for their dangerous devices and for putting their dangerous products on the market. You should not have to pay for a manufacturer’s negligence, and our team is here to help you. We will review your case and help protect your rights as well as advocate for the most compensation possible so that you can return to living your life. If you have been injured by a defective medical device, Ken Kieklak can fight on your behalf. For more than 20 years Ken has fought for injury victims. To schedule a free and private legal consultation call (479) 316-0438 or contact us online today.