Fort Smith, AR Workers’ Compensation Benefits Termination Lawyer

Fort Smith, AR Workers’ Compensation Benefits Termination Lawyer

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    Every day, thousands of workers are injured. According to the National Safety Council, every 7 seconds, a worker gets injured at their place of work in the U.S. Many injured employees depend on their Workers’ Compensation benefits to pay for work-related medical expenses and cover a portion of their salary while they are unable to work. Unfortunately, in some cases, an employer may decide to terminate their employee’s benefits.

    If you or a loved one is facing the potential termination of your Workers’ Compensation benefits, our Fort Smith workers’ comp benefits termination lawyer may be able to help. To discuss the specific circumstances surrounding your case in a free, confidential consultation, call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at (479) 439-1843 or contact us online today.

    Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Termination

    The Workers’ Compensation system exists to help employees who have been injured in their workplace. In Arkansas, every employer with three or more employees is required by law to provide workman’s comp insurance to all those employees. If you suffered an accident at work, Workers’ Compensation benefits can help you pay for medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages.

    Normally, qualifying to obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits means that you must follow a series of steps required by the workman’s comp system and your employer. For instance, one of the most important steps following an occupational accident is reporting that accident to your employer. Failing to report your injury to your employer can bar you from obtaining your Workers’ Compensation benefits. Additionally, your employer will require you to select a physician from their list so they can assess the extent of your injury and determine whether you can return to your job.

    If you comply with these and other employer-required steps, you may be qualified to receive your workman’s comp benefits. Unfortunately, such benefits can be terminated by your employer. We discuss some of the reasons why your employer may terminate your workman’s comp benefits below.

    Why an Employer Can Terminate My Workers’ Compensation Benefits

    Every employee has the right to request workman’s comp benefits from their employer after suffering an injury at the workplace. However, you can have your workman’s comp benefits terminated by your employer. Some of the reasons why this might happen include:

    Refusing a Job Position

    A workplace injury may prevent you from engaging in the same activities you used to. However, your employer may find another type of task that you can do despite your injury. If your employer offers you another job, and you refuse it, then your employer can terminate your benefits. Keep in mind that the Workers’ Compensation system only covers injured employees who are unable to return to their previous job.

    Refusing a Medical Appointment

    Your employer can ask you to go through different medical evaluations to keep track of your progress as you heal. Again, your employer will allow your benefits to continue only if you are unable to return to work. A medical evaluation is the best way for them to assess your current situation and decide whether you should continue receiving your workman’s comp benefits.

    Committing Fraud

    Willfully making a false statement or concealing vital information in your bid to obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits constitutes fraud within the Workers’ Compensation system. There are many ways a person can commit fraud related to Workers’ Compensation, including faking an injury, exaggerating an injury, and submitting inaccurate information – among other dishonest practices. If you are caught committing fraud against the Workers’ Compensation system, your benefits will be terminated, and you may face federal prosecution.

    How Can a Fort Smith Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help You?

    Dealing with the Workers’ Compensation system requires a deep understanding of how it works. If you have never been exposed to a Workers’ Compensation claim process, going through the nuances of the system may be overwhelming. Many employers will try to deny your Workers’ Compensation claim while others will try to terminate your benefits based on technicalities to save money. Retaining the services of a skilled, dedicated, and experienced Fort Smith Workers’ Compensation benefits termination lawyer can help you make sure your rights as an injured worker are always protected.

    Workers’ Compensation Benefits Termination Attorney in Fort Smith Offering Free Consultations

    Going through a severe injury at the workplace can put a lot of stress on a victim and their family. This is particularly true for workers who are the sole provider of their household. If you or a loved one is facing the termination of their worker’s compensation benefits in Fort Smith, there is no time to waste. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, can help you protect your rights as an injured worker. Thanks to years of experience handling Workers’ Compensation cases, we have developed the tools to help injured workers obtain the compensation they deserve. To discuss your situation in a free, private consultation, call our law offices today at (479) 439-1843 or contact us online.