Hot Springs, AR Car Accident Lawyer

Hot Springs, AR Car Accident Lawyer

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    Approaching car accident claims can be daunting for victims, which is why our lawyers are prepared to help you build a strong case for compensation against a negligent driver in Hot Springs.

    Car accidents might happen when a driver acts negligently, such as by driving over the speed limit or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If someone drives through an intersection during a red light, they could T-bone a driver with the right of way. Such accidents are common in Hot Springs and often result in catastrophic injuries for victims. Another top accident type in the area is rear-end accidents, which can cause neck injuries like whiplash. Regardless of your accident’s cause, our lawyers can prepare your case against the at-fault driver. In doing so, we can track and document your damages so that you can prove your losses from the accident.

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    Main Reasons for Car Crashes in Hot Springs, AR

    Car accidents often happen because of negligence. If one party breaches the duty of care they owe another while driving, they might cause a catastrophic accident in Hot Springs.

    For example, speeding was a top cause of auto accidents in Hot Springs in 2022, resulting in 78 reported accidents, according to information sourced through the Arkansas Crash Analytics Tool. Drivers who speedily turn a corner without yielding might strike pedestrians or other drivers with the right of way. Speeding through construction sites or high-traffic pedestrian areas could also cause accidents.

    Bad weather, road defects, negligent merging, running stoplights, distracted driving, drunk driving, aggressive driving, and drowsy driving are other main causes of crashes in Hot Springs. In 2022, 50 accidents were due to driver impairment.

    Types of Car Accidents and the Injuries They Cause in Hot Springs, AR

    The most common motor vehicle accidents in Hot Springs in 2022 were angle collisions, otherwise known as T-bone accidents. These types of accidents happened 626 times in the area that year, resulting in one fatality and 63 reported injuries. Common injuries sustained in T-bone accidents include crushing injuries, neck injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

    Rear-end accidents were the next most common, with 414 accidents reported to law enforcement in Hot Springs in 2022. Though often seen as minor, these accidents can result in injuries that need medical treatment, like whiplash. If you feel stiffness or soreness in your neck or shoulders following an accident, go to the hospital.

    Single-vehicle accidents are also common and might be referred to as no-contact accidents. For example, suppose a negligent driver attempted to merge into your lane, forcing you to swerve out of the way, and you hit a tree. In that case, the driver might still be liable for your damages from the accident.

    Preparing Your Car Accident Claim in Hot Springs, AR

    To properly prepare your compensation claim in Hot Springs, our attorneys will investigate the accident’s circumstances to determine its cause and build compelling evidence against the negligent party.

    For example, we may obtain and review the police report for the accident. This document might contain information you did not know, such as things the negligent party might have mentioned to the police. We can also refer to this report to learn eyewitnesses’ names and contact information. Their statements might be useful to your claim, which is why we may need to interview eyewitnesses after the accident.

    We can also survey the accident’s surrounding area to locate possible surveillance systems. If those systems filmed the accident, we can obtain the footage and introduce it as evidence against the defendant in your case.

    In the weeks after the incident, prioritize your physical health by getting the proper medical care from specialists and doctors. This will result in medical evidence that our lawyers can use to prove you suffered an injury due to the car accident in question.

    You will need time to prepare your case before filing it, and the ultimate deadline to bring your lawsuit will be three years from the accident date, according to Ark. Code. § 16-56-105.

    Documenting Your Damages from a Hot Springs, AR Car Accident

    When victims sue at-fault drivers in Hot Springs, they must prove that they incurred damages due to negligence. Because of this, our attorneys will be sure to document all of your losses from a recent crash.

    Start with your economic damages, which are any financial losses from the accident. The bulk of these damages may be your medical expenses. Any time you get a bill from a hospital or doctor concerning your case, keep it and give it to our lawyers. Furthermore, if you have not been able to go back to work because of your injuries, report your lost wages.

    Suppose your injuries are long-lasting and will continue to cause economic damages after your lawsuit concludes. In that case, our car accident lawyers can present evidence to support your request for future losses, such as expert witness testimony.

    You will have to document your non-financial damages from a car crash differently. For example, victims may write about their pain and suffering in a journal or discuss it with a mental health professional. Our attorneys can calculate your pain and suffering using the per diem and multiplier methods, which consider various factors, such as a victim’s income, the severity of their injury, and how long they expect to experience pain and suffering.

    Generally speaking, Arkansas does not impose caps on compensation for economic or non-economic damages. If we have sufficient proof of your damages, you may be able to get compensation for all losses related to your claim in Hot Springs.

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