How Long Can You Be on Disability in Arkansas?

While many people will continue to receive their Social Security Disability benefits until they reach the age of 65, it is not the case in every situation. Most people believe that once they are approved for and start receiving disability benefits, they will continue them without interruption. In some situations, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will decide that someone is no longer eligible for benefits.

While you should receive your benefits for as long as you need them, your condition and choices will play significant roles in whether or not your payments are terminated. There are several reasons why your benefits could be terminated, such as your condition improves or you start earning significant income.

If you applied for and were approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you understand it is not an easy process. In Arkansas, only approximately 36% of initial benefits claims are approved. You do not want to lose your disability benefits because of an error or because you failed to follow through with a request from the SSA. If you believe you might lose your benefits, contact our Fayetteville, AR disability attorneys. To reach our law offices, call (479) 316-0438.

What Disability Benefits End in Arkansas

While you might expect your disability benefits to last indefinitely, there are a number of reasons why the SSA could terminate your monthly payments. If any of the situations below apply to your case, contact our Arkansas disability lawyers immediately.

Improved Medical Condition

The most common reason the SSA will stop benefits is that your medical condition improved. Your approval notice will also indicate a time when the SSA will review your disability claim. Typically, the severity of your condition will determine when the review takes place. If the SSA suspects that your condition has a chance of improving, the review will be scheduled in eighteen months. For medical conditions that might improve, a review will be conducted in three years. In cases where there is no real probability for improvement, the SSA will schedule a review in seven years.

Every person receiving disability benefits will have to undergo a Continuing Disability Review. The type of review will usually depend on when it is conducted. If your condition is severe, you might receive a short questionnaire to complete and return to the SSA. However, if your case is reviewed in eighteen months or three years, you could receive a longer, ten-page review to complete. If your answers on the shorter questionnaire raise any red flags, the SSA could follow up with a longer, more comprehensive review.

It is important to continue any prescribed medical treatment. Even if your impairment has not improved, if you have not followed your doctor’s orders, the SSA could terminate your benefits. If you have any concerns regarding a Continuing Disability Review, you should talk with one of our experienced Arkansas disability lawyers.


Another way to lose your Social Security Disability benefits is to be sentenced to jail. Any person who is in prison for more than thirty dates will lose their benefits. It is important to remember that this termination is not permanent. Once you are released, your benefits will be reinstated.

Earning Income

To qualify for benefits, you must have a medical impairment or illness that substantially limits your ability to earn a living. If you start working and earning more money than is permitted, your benefits will be terminated. However, the SSA does offer individuals a trial period to see if they are capable of returning to the workforce.

The trial work period allows people receiving disability benefits a way to test their ability to return to the workforce without jeopardizing their benefits. During a rolling sixty-month period, a person could attempt to work for nine months. The nine months could be non-consecutive. For people working in 2021, any month they earn $940 or more will be considered one of the nine months in the trial work period.

Keeping Your Social Security Benefits in Arkansas

If you want to keep your benefits, you need to keep on top of your medical condition. You need to continue to document that your impairment prevents you from working. The best way to do this is to continue to make regular doctor’s appointments and gather additional medical documentation. This evidence will be vital for your Continuing Disability Reviews.

As stated above, you will receive Continuing Disability Reviews. Do not ignore these notices and be sure that you respond to them promptly. Having our Arkansas disability lawyers working for you will help ensure that no common errors are made. If the SSA requests additional documentation, you must provide it in a timely fashion. Depending on your condition, you might be requested to meet with an independent doctor for a medical examination.

Every disability case is different. There is no one answer for how long your disability benefits will last. It depends on your condition and the actions you take. Our Bentonville disability lawyers are committed to ensuring you receive the benefits you need for as long as you need them.

Our Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyers Are Here to Help You Keep Your Benefits

Many people in Arkansas depend on their Social Security Disability benefits. They expect their monthly payments to last as long as they need them. However, there are situations when the Social Security Administration will terminate an individual’s benefits. Our Springdale disability lawyers want to ensure you keep the benefits you need. If you are worried about a Continuing Disability Review, believe your benefits are in jeopardy or have lost your benefits, contact our law offices immediately. Call (479) 316-0438. to speak with an attorney.