How Long Do Traffic Cameras Keep Footage of Accidents in Arkansas?

If a traffic camera happened to film your Arkansas car accident, it’s important that you retrieve that footage. So, victims should learn how long certain traffic cameras tend to store footage in Arkansas.

There are various types of traffic cameras in Arkansas. Live cameras stream happenings on highways and other densely populated areas throughout the state to monitor the flow of traffic but do not store footage. In Arkansas, speed cameras snap photos on a trigger basis to identify and ticket drivers speeding in certain areas. Because of that, photographs from speed cameras must be stored for some time afterward. Should traffic camera footage or photographs of your accident not exist, your Arkansas attorney can look for potential security camera footage or videos filmed by eyewitnesses. With or without traffic camera footage, Arkansas car accident victims can recover sufficient compensation when they have a skilled lawyer by their side.

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How Long Will an Arkansas Traffic Camera Keep Footage of My Accident?

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) and individual municipalities maintain various traffic cameras throughout the state. Upon learning this, car accident victims may think that a traffic camera possible filmed their recent collision. If your accident was caught on tape, it’s important to learn how long that footage or photographs will remain available. Of the various traffic cameras in Arkansas, live cameras, red-light cameras, and speed cameras, only two store data.

Live Cameras

The Arkansas Department of Transportation has a comprehensive network of cameras throughout the state, generally along highways and busy intersections. The purpose of these cameras is to monitor traffic flow for the public and ARDOT. These cameras stream footage live on ARDOT’s website so drivers can stay updated on traffic and roadwork delays.

While the Arkansas Department of Transportation maintains these traffic cameras throughout the state, it does not store any footage the capture. Anything caught on these cameras is fleeting. While a third-party site might record streamed footage, ARDOT does not have an official storage method for live traffic cameras. So, even if a live traffic camera did capture your accident, you may have no way of accessing that footage. That said, it is still important to consult with a Bella Vista car accident lawyer to ensure potential footage is unavailable.

Red-Light Cameras

Instead of continuously filming or snapping photos, red-light cameras operate on a trigger basis. That means a driver must run a stoplight in order for a red-light camera to capture an image. These cameras only take pictures and do not film footage. Generally, red-light cameras work by taking a photograph of a driver’s face and license plate. These photos are then used to identify a driver and ticket them. While red-light cameras can be used to deter reckless driving in other states, they are not currently in use in Arkansas. Because there are no red-light cameras in Arkansas, there are no such devices to store or take photographs of a car accident.

Speed Cameras

In Arkansas, speed cameras are only permitted near school zones and railroad crossings. Speed cameras are triggered when a driver passes the senor while driving above the speed limit. These cameras take photographs of a driver’s face and license plate and do not film footage. While it is unlikely, it is possible for a negligent driver to trigger a speed camera the moment they hit you. Should this happen and a speed camera photograph your accident, it is important to retrieve the footage.

Because photographs taken by speed cameras are used to identify speeding drivers and ticket them, the information is stored for some time. However, exactly how long speed cameras and local police departments store this information is unknown. If you think it’s possible that a speed camera photographed a recent collision, your attorney can retrieve that information.

What if a Traffic Camera Didn’t Keep Footage of My Arkansas Accident?

Unfortunately for Arkansas car accident victims, it’s unlikely that a traffic camera will film a collision and even less likely that such footage will be accessible. If ARDOT cameras didn’t store footage or photographs of your crash, don’t worry. Luckily, traffic cameras aren’t the only devices that can film an Arkansas car accident.

Although not monitored by ARDOT or local law enforcement agencies, a private security camera may have filmed and stored footage of your recent car accident. Depending on the location of a crash, it’s possible that a local business or residence’s security camera filmed your collision. If so, that footage is likely stored. Of course, how long a private individual may choose to store such footage is completely up to their discretion. Your Farmington car accident lawyer can quickly assess the area and identify any potential security cameras that may have useful footage. Your attorney can then speak to the owner to request access to potential footage.

It also benefits victims to speak to eyewitnesses. It’s possible that a witness filmed the crash or its aftermath on their phone. It’s also possible that an eyewitness’s testimony can strengthen your compensation claim, regardless if they filmed your crash.

So, even if Arkansas traffic cameras didn’t film or store footage of your recent car accident, hope is not lost. Your skilled attorney can use their experience litigating car accident claims to help you recover compensatory damages, even without the help of traffic camera footage.

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