How Many Days Do You Have to Miss to Get Workers’ Comp in Arkansas?

Workers’ compensation policies provide benefits to employees who are injured while working. Through a workers’ comp policy, an injured employee can get compensation for their medical bills and the wages they lose while unable to go to work. Employees must miss work for a specific number of days and meet other criteria to qualify for workers’ comp policies. To learn more about the requirements that employees in Arkansas must meet to be eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas, continue reading as the Fayetteville, AR Workers’ Compensation attorneys from The Kieklak Law Firm relay information that can be useful to injured employees.

How Long Do You Have to Miss Work to Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits in Arkansas?

Injured employees in Arkansas have to meet specific qualifications to get workers’ comp benefits in Arkansas. Workers will have to miss eight days of work to get workers’ comp in Arkansas. Compensation for injuries does not go into effect until the ninth day of the disability. If an employee is disabled for more than fourteen days, they will be able to receive back-pay going back to the first day of their disability, which does not include the day that the injury occurred. Injured workers will be issued payments every two works until they no longer need them. Payments for severe injuries can last for the remainder of an employee’s life.

When Should You Report an Injury to an Employer?

Employees should provide a detailed account of their injury to their employers after suffering a workplace injury. They will have to describe the injury in detail, how it occurred, and when exactly the injury happened. Injured employees should tell their employers about their injuries as soon as possible after they happen. If an injured employee waits too long to report their injury, they will likely surpass the statute of limitations, which last two years.

Injuries That Are Covered in Workers’ Comp Policies in Arkansas

Most physical injuries are covered in Workers’ Compensation policies, as long as the injury is considered to be “work-related.” Work-related injuries are those that occur while the employee is present in the workplace, performing a task that is related to their job. Workers can, however, qualify for workers’ comp benefits if their job aggravates a pre-existing condition.

Note that injuries that happen while an employee is commuting cannot be covered with a Workers’ Compensation policy, nor can injuries that happen while an employee is in a place where they aren’t working, such as a parking lot or break room. Of course, exceptions are made for employees for whom driving is an essential part of their job. Workers should note that they will be ineligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits if they inflict an injury on themselves. They will also be ineligible to receive benefits if their injury happened while they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if the injury happened while they were failing to adhere to safety protocol.

Nearly all injuries and diseases that arise out of the course of employment are eligible for benefits through a Workers’ Compensation policy. However, some limitations do apply. Mental injuries have different requirements than physical ones. For example, an employee can only get benefits for panic attacks if they can prove through evidence that the panic attacks arose out of the course of employment or if they were the victim of a crime of violence or other traumatic events at work. Employees might also be eligible for workers’ comp benefits if their loved one committed suicide within one year of developing a mental illness in their workplace. If you have questions about this process, it is imperative that you seek guidance from a Rogers, AR Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

What Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits Can You Receive if You Have to Miss Work?

Employees who have been injured while working in Arkansas can recover two types of benefits through their Workers’ Compensation policies: medical costs and lost wages.

Arkansas Workers’ Comp Medical Benefits

Workers’ compensation policies in Arkansas cover employees’ medical costs incurred from injuries sustained in the workplace. Medical expenses that can be covered in workers’ comp policies include physical therapy, visits with doctors, stays in the hospital, ambulance rides, medical devices and equipment, prescription medications, surgeries, and medical imaging such as X-rays and MRIs.

Injured employees should note that their employer or their insurance provider will likely select the doctor from whom they can get treatment. Also, missing appointments or failing to adhere to doctors’ orders can result in a cancellation or suspension of benefits.

Arkansas Workers’ Comp Wage Loss Benefits

Arkansas workers who have been injured on the job can receive payments to replace a portion of the wages they were unable to generate while they were recovering from their injuries. Injured employees can recover only two thirds (about 66%) of the wages they typically make. Employees can only recover lost wages if they miss more than eight days of work. If they are injured for more than 14 days, injured employees will be able to receive back pay going back to the first day of their injury.

Our Fayetteville, AR Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You Get Benefits

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