How to Obtain a Police Report Following a Car Accident in Arkansas

After being involved in a harmful car crash, a police officer should visit the scene to draft an accident report. These reports are regularly among the first pieces of information assessed by attorneys and insurance companies when investigating who is to blame for certain accidents.

There are multiple ways to obtain a police report following a car accident in Arkansas. You can request a copy of your report online, in person, or by mail. Our attorneys can provide guidance and support when initiating this process in your case.

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Acquiring a Police Report After a Car Accident in Arkansas

There are multiple options for recovering a police report after a car accident in Arkansas. First, you can get a copy of your report by making a request online. This method will involve payment of a $10 service fee. Typically, reports requested online are available to victims within 10 days of their crashes.

You can also acquire a copy of your police report through the mail. In order to obtain a copy through the mail, you must send a crash report request form to an Arkansas State Police station. This process may take longer than requesting a report online and also involves a fee, but it is often necessary for victims who do not have access to computers.

Finally, you may obtain a copy of your police report by requesting it in-person from an Arkansas State Police Department. Still, even when requesting a report in person, you will have to fill out a crash report request form and pay a fee.

Can You File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Arkansas Without a Police Report?

If a police officer does not visit the scene of your accident, then you must file your own report with the state of Arkansas within 30 days of your crash. If you did not call the police at the scene of your accident and failed to file a report, you may have failed your duty to report your crash.

It is rare for car accident lawsuits to proceed without police reports. Still, if you do not have such a report, do not assume your case is over. You can still file a car accident claim against another driver without a police report. In most cases, such reports are merely used to locate admissible evidence. However, pertinent evidence can still be located without them.

Why Should You Call the Police After a Car Crash in Arkansas?

If your accident produced an injury or substantial property damage, then a police officer should visit the scene to draft their accident report. However, calling the police will also allow the 911 dispatcher to send emergency services for anyone who requires immediate medical attention. Prompt medical care is often necessary to prevent car accident injuries from developing into even more serious issues. Additionally, official documentation of your injuries is necessary to recover payment from another driver. If your injuries are not severe enough to require an ambulance visit, you should still see a doctor as soon as possible.

Can a Police Report Be Used to Support Your Car Accident Lawsuit in Arkansas?

Police reports are not permitted as evidence in Arkansas car accident lawsuits. The information offered by these reports is usually considered inadmissible hearsay. However, there are still ways that your police report can be used to enhance your case’s chances of success.

For example, analyzing your report may be beneficial when collecting evidence and identifying at-fault parties. Information from police reports often points to sources of valuable information that can be used in court.

Also, police reports can be helpful when seeking to challenge testimony that is made at trial for your car accident case. For instance, if an eyewitness offers a statement that does not line up with a previous comment they made to your reporting officer, then information from your police report could be utilized to impeach the witness and exclude their testimony.

Furthermore, your police report can be used to support your case by refreshing a witness’s memory. If a witness becomes flustered on the stand and cannot remember specific details surrounding your crash, then you can show them your police report to refresh their recollection and get them back on track.

What Information Can Be Found in a Police Report for a Car Accident in Arkansas?

There is a wide array of information that can be found in a police report for a car accident in Arkansas. For example, any of the following information may be outlined in your report:

The Date and Location of Your Accident

First, your police report should include the date and location of your accident. Specifically, the exact road or intersection where your collision happened should be identified. Furthermore, details regarding the weather conditions at the time of your crash may be established.

Drivers and Vehicles Involved in Your Crash

Additionally, your police report should identify each of the motorists involved in your crash and what vehicle they were driving. The injuries and property damage sustained by each party may also be outlined.

Witness Statements

Your police report can also prove witness statements that help explain how or why your crash happened.

Crash Diagram

Furthermore, your accident report may include a drawn diagram of your crash.

Officer’s Personal Observations

Lastly, your accident report may include the drafting officer’s personal observations from the scene of your crash. These observations can point you in the right direction when seeking to identify the at-fault party.

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